WHO RUN THE WORLD (BEYONCE)! -This Is Why The World Loves Beyonce.

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When she sang the song ‘Run The World(Girls)’ [Album ‘4’ was released on the 28th of June 2011 – do the math from this date to now and what has been achieved since then], they weren’t just words, it was a statement of fact, especially the line of the song which says “…How we’re smart enough to make these millions, Strong enough to bear the children, Then get back to business.”  And that is exactly what she has done.

In Jan 2012, Mrs Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter gave birth to her baby, Blue  Ivy Carter and in just a little over 4months, Beyonce is trending and headling a mini 4 days concert/tour aptly titled REVEL PRESENTS BEYONCE BACK TO BUSINESS SHOW at a newly launched resort called REVEL in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the US.

If you are part of #TeamBeyonce, then you’ll know she goes all out when there is an opportunity to showcase what she is well-known for – PERFORMING.  There is no other female entertainer in this current generation and perhaps the last, that has the energy or performs like Beyonce.  She is a MAVERICK.  She knows she wants and she runs with it.  She imagines it and it happens. She plans it and its a success.

To show how much people love Beyonce, thousands and thousands and thousands of tickets were sold out in LESS THAN A MINUTE of its release to the general public for the initial announced days – Friday, May 25, Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27 – the organisers were forced to release another date (Monday, May 28) which also sold out in a short space of time as well.  To give you just a little idea of how big the entertainment space used is – it can fit 5,000 fans (do the math).

The night before the opening of the first show on 25th of May, she released a 2 part Behind The Scenes video on her website (Beyonce.com).  In the video, Queen Bey takes us through her nerves (the last time she performed in such capacity was Summer 2011) saying  “It is exciting. I feel a little nervous. I’m enjoying being a mother so it’s like going back to my old job. It is a little strange, but it’s important that you don’t lose yourself, still have your own passions. I’m back to work, I’m back to business.”

The 5min each video also reveals how Beyonce is involved in every little detail of her BUSINESS – leaving no stones unturned – from the number of songs to the dance routines, to the lighting of the stage to the logistics of her stage movement and everything else that had a relation to her and represented her as a brand for the nights she was going to be performing for.  From this video, you also realise that Beyonce is all about her Fans(she LOVES us for real – blushing face), all about connecting with her fans anyway she can “The emotion of the show is to be among the fans.” which makes it no surprise she is voted one of the most beautiful people in the world by People Magazine.  The video shows a businesswoman, a realist, a human being. We also see her wearing the colour ‘Blue’ as often as possible – sweet.

Here are some of the stills from the Behind The Scenes video.

Beyonce @ REVEL, Atlantic City, NJ: Stills from the Behind The Scenes video - Beyonce in a playful mood - actually with her voice coach practising/exercising her vocal cords trying to hit those notes again after motherhood break.
Beyonce @ REVEL, Atlantic City, NJ: A still from the Behind The Scenes video - Beyonce discussing with her dancers(notice the blue nails) and going through her push-ups (very necessary upper body strength and moving on stage).

Here are the actual Behind The Scenes which was released by Beyonce a night before her concert kick off.  You also get to see some of the pictures from the concerts, if you scroll down further. Watch and enjoy.

Part 1 of the Behind The Scenes video – Beyonce – Making of Revel.

Part 2 of the Behind The Scenes video – Beyonce – Making of Revel.

For her concert costumes, it was all drama and crystal infused just as we love it. The inspiration for the sexy concert looks was “modern showgirl,” says Ralph & Russo designer Tamara Ralph.  She also continued saying “A team of 20 couturiers worked around the clock to complete the looks, which were embellished with more than 500,000 crystals from Swarovski Elements, in just four weeks.” (From Peoplestylewatch.com)

Beyonce @ REVEL, Ovation Hall, Atlantic City, NJ: The sketches of Queen Bey's costumes as worn for the 4 day show as designed Ralph & Russo.

What’s there not to love about Queen Bey? She is just absolutely amazing.  Here are some of the pictures from the actual concert. And confirm after seeing the last picture if there is anything to hate (Ok, I don’t like her acting, although she improved a little in the movie ‘Obsessed’, in ‘Dreamgirls’, it was singing mostly and playing herself almost  – but as a performer, an entertainer, a singer and probably as a person – I LOOOOOOOVVVVE HER).

Beyonce's first entry on the stage - WHOOOOOOOO - She is one Hot Mama! You can almost feel her excitement and nerves at the same time from the first picture.
Beyonce @ REVEL, Atlantic City, NJ.
Beyonce @ Revel, Ovation Hall performing End of Time
Beyonce@ Revel, Ovation Hall - I'm guessing the performance here is Crazy In Love.
Beyonce @ Revel, Ovation Hall: You can almost guess the song she is performing here - Naughty girl anyone?
Show girl Beyonce with her feathers.
Beyonce performing 'Diva'
Beyonce @ Revel, Ovation Hall - What a sight - The lights and magnitude of the hall.
Beyonce: Just check out her body! She actually did mention her trainers got her eating just lettuce and hitting the treadmill at every chance soon after the birth of Blue Ivy Carter.
Beyonce interacting with her fans at one of the shows - just as she wanted.
Beyonce performing 1+1 on the piano.
Beyonce@Revel, Ovation Hall., Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Beyonce: Sure you can guess the song she is performing here with her ladies.
Beyonce performing one of the crowd favourites.
Beyonce: All hail King Bey! Gotta love the woman. Even Jay tweeted.

Not a surprise her husband, JayZ tweeted from seeing one of the shows.

Can’t hate on the woman, she is just leaving her mark in the world as she promised in her song ‘I Was Here’ from her most current album 4. Gotta hail KING BEY!

Pictures from Jared.com; Globalgrind.com and Peoplestylewatch.com. Videos are youtube versions of  actual videos as put up on Beyonce.com.  



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