When Naija STANS…I mean “Naija Fans” take it too far (Mode 9 vs Muna saga).

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I arrived at work early this morning and like most people, i went on twitter to read the news and check out what was “buzzing”. To my shock, people were discussing the verbal “altercation” between rappers Modenine & Muna at the 2012 Nokia Don’t Break The Beat Competition.(apparently i was on Mars when this happened)..

Granted this is not my beef, but my issue is when people turn an argument between two celebrities and use it as an opportunity to spew vitriolic comments about the person they don’t support. Whatever happened to just being objective, giving constructive criticism or just keep it moving. Why must we make our insults extremely personal and hateful. It’s so disheartening the type of comments that people spew all in the name of “It’s just twitter”.

Comments like those below are highly unnecessary and immature:
1) “When you allow models & the likes do jobs meant for professionals, what you get: Mode9 & Muna fiasco”
2)  “Muna is a disrespectful, talentless piece of shit that escaped being an albino by an inch”
3) “She didn’t say Mode9 should change his opinion. Why di he take it P? Nigga ain’t getting the p****”
4) “Let me not even imagine what Saucekid woulda done. Saucekid for shoot her immediately.”
5) “That’s why i don’t f*** with babes that do beauty pageant. None of them.”

Were some of these comments necessary? I mean what have the commenters shown besides the fact that they are extremely childish, silly and ignorant.

Like a colleague and i discussed at work, it would be nice if Mode 9 came out and issued a statement for his fans/supporters to keep it cool. You know calm the storm that is brewing (more like that has brewed)…

Moreover, after watching the video (which I’m sure some people on twitter didn’t do before jumping on the “i must comment by force bandwagon”), the following facts apply:

1) Muna was a host, and like DJ Jimmy Jatt said, should have played her role as a host instead of butting into the judges decision (unless she was told otherwise by the organizers that the opinion of the host for the show will be needed). A compere is a compere and a judge is a judge. Finito.
2) Muna should remember that she has to respect her peers and pioneers in the Nigerian rap game music industry.
3) Mode 9 shouldn’t have let Muna’s comments get him all riled up. There’s no if, buts, or what’s about it. He has nothing to prove. He will always be a rap legend. Period.
4) Muna, people will always think you’re not talented because you were an ex-beauty queen. It comes with the territory. Chin up lady.

Last to all the fans, please learn to critic and make comments objectively. All the unnecessary hating and vicious vindictiveness will get you nowhere.

Pass the mic!!!



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  1. Y’all blogging about twitter comments are the ones making it look a big deal, ask urself if this is worthy of a post, what is/was ur aim of puttin this up? Y’all are the ones blowing the whole thing up!!! Talking about fans taking it serious and shit, u think if it was outside of here, it won’t be worse, u think she will ever be able to anchor any major show again if dis happened somwhere like the us?

  2. Well said…but come to think of it your write-up shows where u swing. Mosdef u’re a female..tell me if I’m wrong. D world has come to a stage whr ppl wl say nothin but Jack. Anger rules d world ryt nw and dats d case btw Modie n muna. And pls leave dem twitter goons jare! All u nid do is pass d mic or leave d stage.

  3. Well spoken. Nigerians cannot give or take constructive criticism to be honest. “In the US” modenine would have been tackled for loosing his cool. If u watch xfactor and the like you see that when they trade insults, they do it in the subliminal, which i believe actually stings more and shows your intelligence. When you lose your cool because someone that isn’t even on your level decides to disrespect you, it also shows your lack of intelligence. I loved modenine’s first response – “That’s why I am a judge and you are not”. But it was downhill from there. Dude actually walked out before the show ended. BTW this is the same modenine that at an album launch told the guests to leave if they weren’t ready to jump up and wave their hands. I thought modenine was a rapper, and he was judging a rap battle. In rap battles, when you get disrespected, you disrespect back. You don’t start huffing and puffing like a wolf that hasn’t had a little piggie in a while – My two cents

  4. Vry funny, dis post shows dat d writer is emotionally immature! Wat was he expecting? Analyst analysing d issue on twitter? We all saw wat happened during d tym of kanye. Pple will always talk sh*t! Its normal. Alotta angry children errywhre or didn’t he see wat happened to GEJ during d subsidy ish. Absolutely normal DEAL WITH IT

  5. First of all t is bcos in Nigeria people don’t get punished for silly behavior that shit like this keeps on repeating itself , when olisa hit that guy at at work, what happened ? now muna has stepped out of line and u expect people to just keep quiet ? if this was in the US , she would never get another job as a host and the hate from fans would be worse . She deserves all the hate she is getting don’t try to sugarcoat unprofessional-ism

  6. Unnecessary big egos – Both of them are daft, but Muna is dafter, one day her looks will fade totally n she’ll just b scrunging off crumbs. Mode 9ine is probably about 40 nw and muna needs 2 learn how 2 respect her elders.

    Muna can’t even rap 2 save her lives so wetin concern am with judge. Na host she be 4 d event. Na waje I blame sef, wey give am space 4 dt banger – so inspired. She’s so uninspired.

    Uncle Mode no vex.

  7. The person who posted the 5th comment was the daftest of all.. Then the FAzillion dude? That guy needs to CHILL.. If they want to be “stan’s” they should gan meet muna na, and beat her. Instead of ranting… Bunch of stupid and annoying twitter idiots…. Especiall @Fazillion or wtf he calls himself… That’s why some “artists” will never be more popular than they are on twitter. Nice article. Well written.

  8. u must be kidding me! she was un professional! organizers of the show should sue her, she did not only mock the judge she mocked the show, mocked the producer and the director of the show. she displayed low market woman pedegree, she lacks poise and class! have u checked the download ratings of that video? im sure everyone has seen it. mode9 didnt get riled up, his response was spontaneous he had to do that, he wasnt trying to proove anything. Muna was unprofessional and should never get any job related to public viewing again. a company was supposed to approach her with a movie script next week, but they dropped her cos os are ill manners. She kept saying her opinion mattered, HOW? Normally 90% of what the presenter says should be scripted, Ryan Seacrest with all his fame and clout would never say that to Paula or any other judge for that matter. It just isn’t right. The producers should drag her ass to court for misrepresentation. Pls the same right u av to write this up is the same right folks tweeting av to tweet their mind. Muna has no class and she showed it.

  9. Fuck it, everyone has a right to say what they want. Even if it’s stupid or unneccesary, they are fans and bias comes with the territory. this post is totally unneccesary.

  10. Writer @ 360nobs, u talk like this is 1950. Wake-up! Stars have stans. why is this writer complaining about the stans taking things too far? i’m not supporting the abuse of anyone, but this is child’s play compared to what happens with stars and their stans in Yankee and such places. just read NicoleBitchie.com to see what i’m saying. Muna was wrong. Period. but y’all should chill. Moving on…

  11. Whoever wrote this article is surely joking. Are u insulting Nigerians for reacting 2munachi’s stupidity? If she’s being insulted, she brought it upon herself. And u saying mode 9 should issue out a statement is in itself insulting. Y didnt u say muna shld apologize? Or u don’t think her tendering an apology is a better choice and can calm fans down? U beta think b4 u write articles dat in itself feud d jist. Mscheeeew . Muna has a problem and shld b taught d ethics of “hosting”. She’s not justified on any level at all. If at d time she contested for d MBGN crown, the host der told d judges she/he didn’t agree with d decision , would she b a force 2b reckoned with? Wat rubbish? Plz if u want Nigerians 2b objective, u Urself dat wrote dis article shld b. call a spade, a spade.

    Thank you!

  12. Who knows maybe Muna sponsored this write up…Muna was way out of the line(i’m pretty sure she would be having her regrets now)

  13. Y’all ® α bunch of idle minded mofos;stop wasting precious internet time ranting n saying nonsense, what has commenting here na done for ur sorry lives kwa? Hian! Biko! Gan face ur own problems ni. Oloshi sumboris

  14. this writer am sori is deffinately a female.lets say it as it is: Muna was blatantly wrong,i mean put ursef in mode9’s position u a jugde givin ur proffessional and highly respected opinion and the presenter who is by d way suppose 2 b on ur side suddenly rubbishing ur comments,hw wil ur feel n react?if i was d producer of that show i wud honestly re-evaluate her job.who knws wat she wud say on air 2moro.

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