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At some point in my life I was addicted to it – checking out wedding websites like it was going out of fashion!

To say that I was ready for my wedding and all that was left was the groom would be an understatement, to the extent that I couldn’t go for an hour without chirping in on this wedding website or how lovely a bride looks or the fact that I wanted 20 bridesmaids and 20 groomsmen (totalling 40). I know sey u think I dey craze but then again a girl’s got dreams and fantasies.

I know that for my wedding, I want it to be big with the whole feferity, me dancing in to the reception with Bracket, P-Square, WAJE, Iyanya singing their songs live and my groom by my side. Chei! Omoyeni oh!!!! And then the fact that I didn’t want to be in my wedding dress all day @ the reception; I and hubby would later change into Polo shirts (Ralph o, not US or SA!) with the inscription of bride and groom on it and we would dance in again to MR ENDOWED TOH BADDDD and Pakurumo, how can I forget Kukere or Dami Duro – LWKMD – Sometimes I crack myself up but all these are possible, abi ki le feel?

But as I grew older over the years and had talks with friends, family and people alike, I found out that I was only ready for my wedding not for my marriage and that is a MAJOR DISASTER; but then again with the society around, magazines even parties and weddings I attended and still attend it’s all about the feferity not to say there is no love involved but how much is involved in everything.

Nowadays it’s all about whose wedding had the best souvenirs, which musicians welcomed you in, who was at your wedding, how much your wedding dress cost, the carat Tunde or Lamide put on your finger, the chairman of the occasion, where the honey moon is going to be…. After the bachelorette parry @ D’Marquee is over, u don shit all the food finish during honeymoon while maxing out your ATM cards and the last piece of the cake from CAKES AND CREAM is stored away in the freezer and then what next???

Going into the KOKO of the matter and you begin to ask – AM I REALLY ENDOWED?

Marriage isn’t your MTN 1500 recharge card or the Hip hop awards that lasts for a night, it’s the real deal. So when you are about to ask wifey to marry you in the over-elaborate proposal (I love lovely proposals sha) or as a Lagos bigs girl you are about to say yes; ponder for a bit and ask yourself am I getting married because I really love him or because all my friends are getting married or because I don do bridal train tire or cos every aunt and uncle keeps poking me at every wedding saying when will it be your turn (u can also poke them at every funeral and ask when it will be their turn) or the very famous one Age isn’t on my side (cut that bullshit out, I believe God’s time is the best becos sometimes sis Kate will get married to brother John and realize she married fine man, EXQUISITE TROUBLE).

I have written all of these to point out that the latest fad in Nigeria is marriage we should take time out and really access our priorities…

I absolutely adore weddings and can’t wait for the day I will come in for my second appearance with the polo and Mr Capable on the mic stand with my all-time favourites “Feeling It” and “Omoge I Don Fall In Love” (Banky Were (mad man) as in my papa thought that was what the W stood for… LWKM

P.S: Sometimes it can be hard waiting but I know say God is working it all out

Omoyeni Disu

Omoyeni Disu

Ms Disu also known as "The Director" is passionate about entertainment events (directing & producing) and writes as it comes to her. I'm a foodie I must add. Visit and follow @omoyenidisu


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