@toptosyn’s 7 Days: Entry 2 …A week full of Ups and Downs

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Sunday, 20th

After sending my articles in and being online for longer than I like to be on a laptop, I basically turned the rest of my Sunday into television day. ‘Franklin and Bash’ has ended over on Series and that for me is tragic. ‘’Breaking In’ is however not bad so I’ll try to love it.

You may wonder why I don’t just buy my series or download them and watch at the same time? I can’t. There is something about looking forward to a show on a certain day and waiting seven days to watch the next episode. I usually won’t have it any other way.


Work was excellent.

I got to interview some gentlemen from PFL Education and we spoke all about studying overseas. I am getting a free consultation from them to find out about studying further. For a month or six max, I can’t handle one year o. I hail all you people with Masters, PhDs and others like that. E ku ise.

And then, I went from that high to some low I was not fully ready for. I have always suspected that there was something wrong with my hearing and it got confirmed when I saw an ENT. Apparently, I must have had some vaso-ocular crisis (look it up) which has now affected my right ear! One more thing I learnt about These Genes. Funny, I thought I had known/learnt it all. If you are, or you know someone who is living with sickle cell, you may want to check this out and learn more about it.

A quick shout out to my Ear Nose and Throat doctor by the way. He is such an adorable man, he is the kind of doctor you want to hug and tell everything! Even non-health related things. (Thankfully, I resisted the urge).


I don’t have much to say about Tuesday other than the fact that we need to get rid of mosquitoes in Nigeria. And I am serious. When mosquitoes start using us as dates and stop dying no matter what we spray, then we know that is a National Emergency.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes now people. I am telling you!

Okay I lied; I do have more to say.

Tuesday was spent at rehearsals with Threadstone. Luckily for me, Diwari (one of the finalists from Nigerian Idol) was rehearsing when we got there. Nice treat for me!

Threadstone rehearses regularly but this particular rehearsal was for #RockNite which holds on Thursday the 31st at Oriental Hotel, 7pm. I recorded one of their sessions- their cover of ‘’Numb’’.

#RockNite is going to be awesome – Threadstone featuring Waje and M.I, with performances by Christine, Clay, Honey and Ese Peters.

Remember- AWESOME


Wednesday was pretty long but always fun. Work was fun, and o by the way, here’s the #Top5at10 for this week

–          5 Brymo ‘’Good Morning’’

–          4 Dayve McCoy ‘’fi mi shako’’

–          3 Sobee ‘’falling for you’

–          2 Teeto featuring  Shank ‘’go down’

–          1 Slim T ‘’Lagosians’

I also had a meeting and to get to that meeting, I had to go with the Taxi Driver from Planet I-Dont-Know-Where-We-Are-Going-i-Wont-Ask-And-I-Will-Keep-Driving-Around-The-Same-Street-Till-You-Are-Late-For-Your-Meeting.

Ever met one of those?


Thursday’s show was one of my favourite this week because I had the uber talented Clay on as a guest! She has a new single (‘’Dancing in the Sun’’) with Vector out and it premiered on my show! Yay! It is now available for download so check www.clayrocksu.com for that song and even more!

After the interview, I saw ‘’battleship’’. I could review the movie, but I fear I may scar you for life! But I will say, it could have been a good movie if ‘’Avengers’’ had not come out this year. I sat down watching it and missing fantastic acting, great dialogue and colour! It all just felt…

Wait, I am reviewing aren’t I?


I spent most of Friday at Wings Restaurant with Lamide and Funms. We had a quick meeting (watch out for an interesting hashtag on twitter in a few days) and then we settled down to food, gist and talk about everything! No, I mean EVERYTHING! Juyin joined us and it got even more interesting.

Juyin and I

The cappuccino at Wings looks so good; you won’t want to drink it! But it tastes just as good so you go for it and order another one. (Then you go home and won’t let your family members sleep. But that’s gist for another day entirely).


Here’s my new V-Log with a cameo by Funms and Lamide


Quick meeting at E-centre (where I then met some interesting lay-dees), and then, it was off to Greensprings International School for their ‘PCs Kids Got Talent’ where I guest-judged.

Greensprings Choir

Theodora and Dora won, Bahill came second and Aminat Okoya came third but honestly, all five finalists were excellent! We all loved Bahill though.

MCs at Greensprings

There were some guest performers as well and Chordvibes owned the crowd! Shout out to them.

Chordvibes performing

By the way, JJC (also a guest judge) and his crew, especially Tipsy, have some mad songs coming out soon! Heard some material they are working on and it sounded really good! Can’t wait.

So, some weeks feel like a month in the life of as opposed to just one week! And even though this week started on some kind of low, I am glad that as I type this, I’m full of smiles and possibilities!

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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