@toptosyn’s 7 Days: Entry 1

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Well then, let’s start my Seven Days with Sunday shall we?

Sunday, 13th

It was one of those what you would call a rough morning. I have had this stubborn and persistent cough for about two weeks now (one of those that sneak up on you and then suddenly, you can’t complete a sentence without punctuating it with a cough) and had gone to the hospital the night before. I always hate visits to doctors when my only symptom is a cough. It feels like i might as well have stayed at home and tried google.

Anyhoo, the doctor gave me some antibiotics (bye bye red wine), cough syrup (no codeine?) and paracetamol. But my body of course decided to show its’ displeasure. So Sunday, rough morning.

I had a meeting with CON.tra.diction’s manager in the afternoon and i was really hoping it would be short, not because i do not absolutely love him, but because Franklin and Bash is my must-watch show on Sundays and i can never count on catching it on Monday….

It was a short meeting. One of those where you are delivering news from a third party and to your relief, EVERYONE is on the same page!


The rest of Sunday went slowly; sadly my darling club Manchester United won our final game of the season  but still did not win the EPL which i took a lot harder than i thought i would.



Forget Chris, Everybody hates Monday.

Everybody but me.

I feel so productive on Mondays, it’s like there’s a factory in my head. Well, most Mondays. This was a Monday of headaches, swollen throat, coughs (yeah, that syrup was not my cough’s mate) and a fever.

I’ll spare you the gory details.

At work, i got to interview Mr Temitope Sanyaolu of STANBIC IBTC.

Mr Temitope Sanyaolu of STANBIC IBTC and I

I also got to see my cover of this edition’s WIN 360. That shoot was just the funniest and the cover looks nice, thankfully! Saeon is also featured in the magazine so check it out and find out what i said. Cos i forget!




Tuesday’s are usually anti-climactic for me. After the craziness of Monday, Tuesdays always feel like ‘The Day After Monday’, just like i have christened Thursdays ‘Before Friday’.

This Tuesday was twitter-fun though. (Yes, there are different kinds of fun. There is ‘Yay! Got me some icecream’ fun, ‘Staying at home all day’ fun, ‘Please don’t make me list all the kinds’ fun, and so on).

I stumbled upon a tweet by someone trying to console someone else who was in the Friend Zone but only just realised it. Friend Zone? That’s a zone i know a thing or two about so of course, my heart immediately went out to said person. But then, i discovered there are about a million other zones.

Check this out

‘May i use your assignment’ zone

‘Take me to Ozone’ zone

‘I need to step back and clear my head’ zone

‘It is not you, it is me’ zone

‘Let’s work it on it’ zone

‘Where are we headed’ zone.

Got some zones of your own? Please tweet them at me @toptosyn




May 16th! The annual DAY OF THE MUMMY!

Happy Birthday to my mother! She’s funnier than i am, and if you think Funke (my sister) and myself are energetic, you need to meet my mother!

Love You, Mummy

We spent the whole day together and it was even more fun when Funke joined us. We looked at pictures of my nieces, she told me i was getting too thin, we had some peppersoup… you know normal day.

Of course i wasn’t 100percent ‘there’ seeing as i had gone back to the doctors and he did that thing they do were they sit, look at you, and then get up and go and consult others. The only good thing about that visit was the fact that my doctor is cute.

And after his reaction, of course i had to go google my symptoms.

DON’t google your symptoms folks.




All i had was a cough and the throat issue. A few google minutes later, it turned to a series of words i could not pronounce.

Well… If you can’t pronounce it, it can’t hurt you.

Can it?



Thursdays for me are special days. Why? They remind me that Friday is just a few hours away. I have christened Thursdays ‘That Day Before Friday’ just to show how much i love Fridays. This means of course that i do something very interesting and exciting every Friday right?




Unless you think sleeping is exciting. It’s just that i look forward to sleeping on Fridays because there is nothing, NOTHING like the non-judgemental feel of a Friday sleep! Sleep on any other day comes with an alarm clock the next morning, but on a Friday? Nothing can disturb that sleep.

So if your ever see me with a stupid grin on my face on Fridays, please know, i am only looking forward to tucking in.

Well of course, i have to get through the day first and this Friday had a simple but fun day at work. The Friday show has a lot of singing (you should tune in sometime) and that’s always fun. I had some bank runs and every time i do my bank runs on a Friday, i swear Never Again! Especially a certain orange bank. The queues are unbelievable.

Fridays are also red-cola days. What is ‘red cola’? A Tosyn mix- red wine and my favourite cola drink!

Try it before you knock it, thank you!



On Saturday i got to hang out with Aderonke (she works at Smooth FM).

I have decided that Aderonke and i look alike; she’s really cool. We have a lot of similar plans like the Singles Mixer.

Let me explain

Aderonke is forever talking about relationships and has a blog, The Love Chest where she puts results of her survey. She asks everything! As such, people always ask her to hook them up!

Now i started out matchmaking! No seriously.

I would throw these small events and have single people hang out and i am pleased to say i actually have five married couples to s.h.a.r.e’s credit!

But i stopped. And now, i am thinking of starting again. So maybe Aderonke and i will come up with something together.

Yay? Nay? Let me know what you think @toptosyn!


In the meantime, Aderonke and i spoke about what songs we are currently listening to and here’s the link: http://youtu.be/YTaVDtZC7Po

There you have it! A week in the predictably unpredictable life of Tosyn.

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.


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