The Case Of The Stubborn Ex

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I know the feeling of having someone and not appreciating the person enough until the person ‘mans up or ‘womans’ up to leave the relationship. And for some people, it feels like whatever scales were clouding their vision and good sense suddenly falls from their eyes and minds when the person leaves and they begin to plot their ways back into their ex’s lives.

Sometimes it works in their favour and the person might still be single and want them back and others times the person may have moved on and is HAPPY in a healthy relationship. Now, my question is how evil, stupid, deluded or completely daft are you to want to weave your way back into someone’s life that has expressly stated in not one, two or ten occasions that they aren’t interested anymore??

Some smart girls/boys let go when they see it’s a dead end but some foolish persistent ones try and many of them die trying unfortunately. They start cooking up trouble and devising mischievous plans to break a happy couple up. It takes love, understanding, patience, maturity and most of all God’s divine wisdom and grace to pull through the case of a stubborn ex. It’s simple really, you try your luck somewhere else if the man or woman you want is happy with someone else. Do NOT heap curses and trouble on yourself because you are a desperate beaver!

My friend told me a story yesterday about the case of an ex who refuses to move on and is always trying to stir up drama. I was so mad and it prompted me to write this.
Forget the saying ‘the power of an ex’ and stop deluding yourself my dears! Appreciate what you have when you have it and most of all be content with what you have.

Written by: Lilian Okoye



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  1. Dis is exactly wat I am goin thru now nd ma blood is boilin ryt now even as I bf nd I hv bin 2geda 4yrs now nd his ex is married nd she won’t jst leave us alone.he has told her a million tyms 2 leave him alone bt I guess she feels lik she’s indispensable(she wishes)ma bf isn’t d cheatin type nd wld never luk her way again.she has a child nd is preggers 4 d second nd jst last mth she sent a bday txt 2 ma bf.I am so mad rite now I cld kill her.jst incase u read dis,Vivian Eze I c u.and wen I hav ur tym,u go hear am.stupid bitch slut!ur husband wil b der thinkin he has married a wife prostitute

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