THE ONE-ON-ONES: Tunde Ednut (Season 1, Episode 1)

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Good morning, and welcome to the season premiere of the One-on-Ones!

And for the opening act, we have star entertainer, comedian-turned-musician, Quovadis Entertainment hit man, TUNDE EDNUT


Wana: Good afternoon, sir! Thanks for chatting with me today…
Tunde Ednut(T.E): Yes Boss… How you dey?

Wana: I’m chilling! First things first… What’s your full name?
T.E: My name is Tunde Ednut.

Wana: Just Tunde Ednut? No middle names? /:)
T.E: Yer Just Tunde Ednut.

Wana: Your date of birth? (I know say you no go talk the year)
T.E: Lmao Jan 20th 198….

Wana: 1980s? You’re quite young… No more Uncle for you again…
So, why Music?

T.E: Lol ’cause that was actually the first thing I was interested in before comedy came into the picture. I used to be in the choir (children choir) back in the days… So yer, I just really decided to go into it fully now crossing over from comedy to music. Full time music now.

Wana: So no more jokes from you? 🙁
T.E: I mean, it’s still in the blood. I’m only not gon’ be doing it professionally for now. I wanna concentrate on the music thing and I actually want everyone to take my music thing serious. If I blend it with comedy, they might not see my music as serious music, you get me.

Wana: True that… True that…
If it wasn’t music or comedy, what would you have been doing as a career?
T.E: I actually studied Graphic Arts, 3D Effects and Cartoons from Unilag to Thames Valley University, London. So yer, I would definitely be doing my graphic arts. I still do it on the side though, I got a couple of clients.

Wana: Wow… You sha dey make money from every corner… Gbogbo hustling (y)
T.E: Loool

Wana: You’ve been in the music industry for quite a while now… What’s the best collabo you’ve done so far, and is there any artist/producer you wish to work with in the future?
T.E: I’ve actually been doing music for just 1 year now. Errrrrrm! I’d say my Jingle Bell collabo with JJC, Iceprince, Davido, Lynxxx. It was actually fun having all ’em people in the same studio and then it was much more fun shooting the video them all… Very lovely and funny people.

Wana: Cool… Anybody in particular that you haven’t worked with and would love to work with?
T.E: I have so many works on the pipeline actually. I’m gon’ be working with Tiwa Savage, I wanna work with Wande Coal, Wizkid, Asa, Flavour to mention a few. Just watch out for my album, “THE CROSS OVER”. And I’m gon’ work with one international artiste (name not disclosed yet) as well.

Wana: Ewo!!! See all-star cast!!! Wow… I really can’t wait oh…
T.E: Lol

Wana: What inspires you? Before you start writing your songs, before you go on stage to perform, what are things you do/think of that motivate you?
T.E: Hmmm! All I do is pray at all times. I record depending on my mood. My mood actually inspires me lol… And when I record, I never release without playing it for some people to give me comments. If its good enough, I’ll release or I’ll go back to the studio to correct of or 2 things. Hmmmmn! Before performing? I also pray. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, so its just God’s strength I rely on.

Wana: You don’t drink nor smoke? Wow.. That’s really surprising… All those girls wey don dey plan say them go put sleeping pill inside Gulder for you, God don fall their hand 😀
T.E: Lmaooooo

Wana: What’s your favorite meal? The meal that has the power to change your mood?
T.E: Just fried plantain and egg without pepper or onions in it. Just egg with either Maggi or just salt. I’m good to go with that looool

Wana: Hmmm… Ajebutter somebody. What’s the craziest/weirdest thing a fan has done, online or in person?
T.E: A girl sent me a picture of “I LOVE EDNUT” written on her boobs…lol.. on Twitter.

Wana: Baba God… See wetin man pikin dey enjoy… When you go do my own? *looks to the sky*
T.E: And then in London, I’ve had a girl walk up to me and say ” I wanna **** you”… I was like errrrrrrrrm!

Wana: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO… What did you do? Hope say you no dull the parole?
T.E: Naaaaaah! Omo that thing looked like a set up! Omo I NO DO OO! Lol

Wana: LOOOOOOOL. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in public?
T.E: Hmmmmn! I didn’t know actually, I went on stage with my zip opened, but the “governor” was not out though.

Wana: Aaaah!!! How will you go on stage without caging the anaconda? You wan kill person?
T.E: Lmaoooooo Oya next question.

Wana: Hehehe…Having participated in both comedy and music on a professional level, which will you say is harder?
T.E: Comedy is harder, ’cause you have to say something new all the time. But for music, you can perform the same song on and on lol

Wana: What sports are you into?
T.E: I don’t actually do any sport jor lol… I play video games sha…

Wana: Aaah… This your ajebutter is another thing oh… Hian!
T.E: Lol abegi

Wana: Wetin? For say na Mushin dem born you, no how you must sabi play ball for under bridge. How do you like to spend your Friday nights?
T.E: Most times I’m indoor, I only go out when I have a show or I have a song to promote. I don’t actually have anything special that I do on “Fridays”… Naaah!

Wana: How about your Sunday mornings? How do they usually go?
T.E: I go to church obviously…lol

Wana: Holy Ajebutter:D Let me ask the question I know must girls will have been waiting for since… What’s your relationship status?
T.E: I’m very much single lol

Wana: Hmmm… Ladies, send your CVs oh… Why though? You dey find Mrs Right?
T.E: There’s someone in the corner oh, just waiting for her to say YES!!! Lmaooooo

Wana: Ehyaa… Ladies, sorry oh… Make una send me CV though… I’m very single 😀
Where’s your ideal place for a vacation?
T.E: London (my second home), Cape Town and Monaco.

Wana: Nice! What’s your mobile phone’s ringtone?
T.E: Oh that’s Catching Cold Remix, my song featuring Dr. Sid.

Wana: So when your phone rings, na your own voice you dey hear? *smh*
T.E: Yup

Wana: Who’s your Nigerian female celebrity crush?
T.E: Lol. Mercy Johnson. She’s married though, but yer HER.Lol

Wana: Bros, you get taste!!! Gbayi!!! What’s the highest amount you’ve ever spent on one item of clothing? Shirt, tie, belt, shoes, jewelry, anything?
T.E: I’ll say my earring, real diamonds £2,500. And my Vivienne Westwood “Boot” £3200

Wana: Yekpa!! Calm down make I quickly carry calculator…
So you have an ear-ring that cost about N650,000, and a shoe that costs over N800,000.Wallahi I dey enter studio tomorrow! Me sef must sing!
T.E: Lmaooooo! My ex-girlfriend actually bought the Vivienne Westwood “BOOT” for me. So yer, YES!….lol

Wana: Wow… I sure say she no be Igbo girl… Igbo girl no fit spend money on top boy like that..
T.E: Lmaooooooooo @Igbo girl

Wana: Oya, to round up this chat-interview, I’ll give you some options, and you’ll choose one. Ready?
T.E: Yes Oo

Wana: Blackberry or iPhone?
T.E: iPhone Oo

Wana: Women or Money?
T.E: Money

Wana: Correct nigga! Last one. Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA?
T.E : Pro Evolution Soccer o! Lol

Wana: Wa shere!!!!!!! Chop knuckle!!! Thanks for chatting with me, Tunde Ednut. Is there anybody you’d like to see me dissect the way I have opened you? 😀
T.E: You should put “No Homo” next time after your last paragraph.Lol. Been nice chatting with you.

Wana: Aaargh!!! *smh* Dirty-minded person!!!
Thanks for your time, Bro! All the best on your upcoming album!
T.E: Thanks man.

And that’s it!

Hope you had fun reading this. See you next week Thursday!
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