ONE-ON-ONES: The Introduction.

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Hey people!

I’m here to let you in on a series of interviews, a type of interview never seen on TV or in print. The type of interview that will not bore your heads of. I’m here to introduce to you, the One-on-Ones.

The One-on-Ones are a series of interviews aimed at capturing and projecting the funny, humorous side of your favorite artistes, producers, movie stars, bloggers, comedians, fashion experts, and virtually everyone who’s actively involved in the entertainment and lifestyle industries.

There will be very few questions concerning the occupations/careers of these people, as majority of the questions will be funny, personal questions about the celebrity’s life outside the spotlight.

The interviews shall be informal, and shall take place on Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or whichever chat platform the interviewed celebrity is comfortable with. The posted interviews shall be the exact words the celebrity used during the chat, so there will be no “mago-mago”.

Every new interview will be posted on a  Thursday, so bookmark this site and freshen you stalking skills, ’cause trust me, this is one issue you don’t want to carry last on.

I feel I should tell you who the first person I’m interviewing this Thursday so that you don’t die of suspense…


I think I won’t.

Catch you on Thursday!

Mayowa “Wana” George.
Twitter: @OluwaWanaBaba



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