Nigerian Musician Abolore Akande Popularly Known As ’9ice’ To Debut In A New Movie

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9ice is one of those Nigerians who has succeeded in making a name for himself on the music scene with international performances, awards and top selling albums on his resume. Now theGongo Aso crooner is set to switch lanes by going into the movie world.

According to Vanguard, 9ice is playing the lead in a movie directed by Laide Bakare for his first movie role. The movie titled Jejere (Tumour) was shot in three weeks (im as surprised as you are :o ) and features 9ice acting alongside Emeka Ike, Oby Alex O and Fathia Balogun.

The movie follows Dele (9ice), a guy who had a bad experience in his first marriage and is left alone to cater for his little daughter following the sudden demise of his wife. 9ice describes his experience on set and the whole movie making business as being different from what he’s used to saying “I learnt a whole lot; most importantly the cast on set becomes a unified entity after several days on set together .”

9ice certainly wasn’t expecting what movie making entails as he shared some things he went through “Being the first time on set, I have to act, cry when nothing is actually wrong with me, laugh when nothing is really funny.” he says “I also have to depict this character in the presence of others. It is a privilege to be part of Jejere and I look forward to the première

With regards to taking up another movie role, 9ice is certainly looking at what every other person would be interested in the money for starters and then a good script as he confirms that if the pay  is right with good content and the standard is on point, why not?” wonder why he never mentioned proper production too seeing as you can’t really get a good movie out in 3weeks.

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