New TV Comedy Series SQUATTERZ is now Showing

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SQUATTERZ is a story of three guys living in a free well-furnished apartment.

Papa gets the apartment free pending the time he can get a “better” apartment. He brings into the apartment, his cousin Buchi and University friend Danjuma. Papa is a Bookstore owner, who prefers to be his own boss, while his cousin Buchi a computer-engineering graduate will not do anything worthwhile, only waiting for a big opportunity, which often time leaves him gullible.

Danjuma, the son of a Retired Major general, is the only one the house with a real job and the “thinker” of the house. Their activities around the house can only do one thing, make the audience laugh and crave for more laughter. SQUATTERZ is a production of DAYSIX Entertainment, the producers of the top tourism and lifestyle program

SQUATTERZ was born from the meeting of the Producers (Seun Arowojolu, Charles Iwejuo) and Seun William Kentebe (Writer). They wanted to create something very funny and different for TV. After the initial meeting, they went back and forth with different ideas that never stuck, but had to go back to their personal experiences to create a real story, which they are passionate about and the audience can also follow with passion.

Their experience earlier in life, gave the backbone for the creation of SQUATTERZ, and with the Genius writing of Seun William Kentebe. In less than 2 months after the birth of the idea of SQUATTERZ, shooting commenced.

It took the casting of Big Tony Ogbetere Playing Papa, Funny Bone as Buchi, Zikki Alloy as Danjuma, and Femi Amusan as Shege. They all team up to give the audience the best TV comedy in years.

For more information, call 08086813579: Seun Arowojolu, 07037784138 : Charles Iwejuo.

Watch a promo clip of SQUATTERZ below.

Watch on these TV stations:
Ontv, Lagos: Fridays 7:30pm
BCOS, Ibadan: Saturday 7:30pm
CTV, Lokoja: Monday 7pm
EBS, Benin: Saturday 10:30am
CTV, Kaduna: Friday 8:30pm
GOTEL, Yola: Thursday 8pm
GTV, Abeokuta: Monday, 8pm

This is the opening montage for squatterz the animated version.

Visit the official website –



The 6 o"clock man.


  1. wow, these guys are funny, especially Buchi….wow, Thumbs up guys. I usually dont find nigeria tv program that makes me laugh, this surely makes me laugh a lot!

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