Introducing MAVIN Records; Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr SID, Wande Coal & D’Prince

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The D’banj/Don Jazzy separation or dispute (whichever way you see it) has been the utmost entertainment gist this year and this is prove that both parties have moved on! Whichever team you may belong to, it is no doubt that they are both intellectual business men who don’t have much to loose in terms of wealth; the strive and money making goes on strongly since in my opinion the most loss is on a personal level for both parties.

We’ve seen D’banj establish an affiliation between himself and the international entertainment media (making the most of it if you ask me) and most of us were awaiting Don Jazzy’s next move as he didn’t make so much noise about the whole seperation issue; little did we know he was putting together MAVIN RECORDS.

He is truly a mastermind for coming up with this sleek, classy label, it seems like a threat to the rest of the industry with the way it just blew up in our faces suddenly! The acceptance and feedback on all social media was crazy!

The MAVIN guys as I like to call them consists of the Don himself, DPrince, Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, and Tiwa Savage; wonderful combination if you ask me and we don’t even know the talents he still has being processed in that master brain of his since he said on twitter that there will be more “MAVINS”`and we trust Don Jazzy to embrace all kinds of unique talents!

If you’re wondering what the name “MAVIN” means here is what I saw Dr. SID define it as on twitter: “MAVIN pronounced [may. vin], it means an individual exceptionally skilled in any field its synonymous w/ genius & sensation” ;Very sophisticated don’t you think?

That’s not even all;  a compilation album, “Solar Plexus”coming from the MAVIN crew  will be out tomorrow 8/05/2012! This was logically planned; Record introduced today, Album out tomorrow, only Don Jazzy mehn, only him can pull such off!

According to DonJazzy, “The Solar Plexus album drops Tomorrow 8th of May. You would be able to download the album for FREE as long as you ve joined the MavinLeague”; the MAVIN league can be joined on the Mavin Records website  This simply means he isn’t even giving the hawkers on the street a chance 🙁 It’s looking like he plans to handle the whole business within his team which is a very smart move.

Be rest assured that this Label is going to blow, expect more from the Don himself; but I have one question though, where is K-Switch?



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  1. D’banj and K-Switch also working hard behind the scenes to form a new record label,Koko Records, with a compilation album,No Long Thing.Hehehe. #Speculation

  2. k-Switch?
    Do u want him to ava some family problem wit his elder bro D’banj.
    He left wit MO’hit na ni, or what do u tink?

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