Go Behind The Scenes As The Igbo’s Go On Set Of ADAURE For Their Own Version Of JENIFA

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Normally you hear about a Nigerian movie lifting the plot of a foreign movie however this time around its Jenifa which is definitely one of the most popular Nigerian movies in recent times that is getting a makeover from the Igbo point of view.. Should be fun

Those who saw Funke Akindele’s portrayal of Jenifa might want to see Adaure as well if only to spot similarities and differences that exist. However after seeing the making of the Igbo retelling of a naive village girl who moves to the city to live the big life, I’ll sit this one out.

In this exclusive clip from iROKTV, we meet Uche Elendu who plays Adaure in the English version of the movie and Queen Nwokoye who plays the Igbo version, i forgot to mention they’re making it in two different languages, meaning movie production rates must have gone down where they’re shooting the movie.

The director Theodore Anyanji certainly feels the role was aptly cast and the script is lovely while the actors share a. Watch out for this movie and probably a number of sequels heading no place in particular soon.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. I cant believe they are making a version of Jenifa. Are these people that daft. Cant they come up with their own works

  2. Shut up my friend. Who told u dat Adaure is a jennifa remake. That storyline has been in nollywood before jenifa. I thank God the movie Adaure is making serious waves.
    The writer of this crapy piece needs to go back to school. Apart from being a tribalist,he or she is also a novice. Adaure is a beautiful movie and the artists did justice to the movie.

  3. Don’t mind the yoruba goats. They want to claim that story line. Jenifa is a copycat movie stolen from movies like love without language by sandra achums, I belong by omotola,underfire by chiege alisigwe to mention a few.So gbolojan agbaje,u r a big fool. You and d person that wrote this stupid article are brain dead. Stupid iliterates. I watched dat movie Adaure and its a hilarious movie based on what is happening in d east. All these yoruba motherfuckers should take a seat. We no send una! Adaure nwanne,carry go.

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