Get Familiar: Ises Presents The “Don’t Tell Mother” Project (Alternative Music)

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We brought to you a snippet of whats to come from The Ises a few weeks back,  and as short as it was, it blew us away. Here are a couple more songs ….and the entire mixtape from the Dont Tell Mother project which The Ises has been working on. Really classy and incredible stuff. Listen up and enjoy!

Don’t Tell Mother is my interpretation of my alternative reality, the other life I live on evenings after work, on quiet Saturdays, on holidays; on those days where life is easy and the bohemian side of me takes over.

Music should tell stories so I shared a few of my experiments and experiences and mixed them with a reasonable dose of fantasy. The sound is an airy exploration of love, sex, alcohol and drugs and it’s my first music project. I actually worked on Don’t Tell Mother in just one crazy weekend, with just enough alcohol in my bottle of water to get me going. If the sounds seem a bit familiar, I was inspired by the pioneers of alternative RnB music, namely The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. Two of my beats were actually culled from the AllXLegends tape by @illangelo, The Weeknd’s producer.

The project wouldn’t have been successful if not for other experienced artists that were able to squeeze out something grand from all my musical naivety. I worked on the craziest beats from @Cikk0 and in the studio, @tintinandTins was able to deliver the sounds I had in mind. There’s also a really awesome digital booklet which my favourite graffiti artist, @OsizUrUnkle tastefully designed. I call my team The ISIX – I think it has a super cool ring to it.

Don’t Tell Mother is for the urban hippie.

Listen up and enjoy!

[audio:|titles=The Ises – My Song]

  The Ises - My Song (5.0 MiB, 274 hits)

[audio:|titles=The Ises – Iron Maiden]

  The Isis - Iron Maiden (2.9 MiB, 210 hits)




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