Fresh Video: Munachi and Mode9 almost threw punches in front of their fans.

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Hardcore rapper Mode 9 and female emcee Muna got into an heated argument during the Nokia dont break the beat competition that just ended.

What really happened?

Mode 9 who (known for his hard core rap and lyrics which has got him winning the HHW lyricist more than once and a well-respected rapper in the Nigerian music industry) was the chief judge of the competition and he made some coomments about the final contestants…and Muna stepped up to him and said she was against his opinion!!! She repeatedly said to Mode 9 “Pass the mic, Pass the mic, Pass the mic mehn”

Was Muna disrespectful?

Watch the video here:

Video courtesy: Nigezie  E-XTRA



The 6 o"clock man.

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  1. 360nobs please hire better writers…so must i watch the video before i get the story?

    What if i’m reading from mobile like most of your readers?


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