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David is back from “Lagos” or “Hotel Lagoon” and I’m still contemplating how to handle this situation.

What happened to the man I used to love so much? All I can see now is a disgusting worm in suit. I have been avoiding my friends and they are beginning to wonder why. I have been spending time working out my frustration at the gym.

“Babe, you need to go shopping for some beverages.”  I turn around to see a good looking man I thought I loved, standing by the door. “Why don’t you do it”, I say. He shoots me a look of surprise. I quickly change my mind, deciding I need the space.

As I leave I call my friend Bunmi to talk to her and she asks me to come over.  Sitting with her, I open up about everything, crying bitterly. She does the normal girl soothing, “He is not worth it darling”. Amaka walks in and the story is retold.  She flips out and I feel so relieved letting it all out. Next came the big question: What will you do? I may be utterly clueless but one thing was sure… I won’t just sit there and continue to let this man dominate my life. Amaka, always the blunt one said, “Anita snap out of it. It’s time you get a hold of your life, like a job for starters”. I leave there in a daze and head to the supermarket to get the groceries.

So many thoughts run through my head as I wheel my cart into the food section. Lo and behold, I see the lady that my so called man has been sleeping with. I watch from a distance, she’s everything I’m not; tall, slim, rightly proportioned everywhere, and a stunning face. I close my eyes and I see David’s face calling me fat. I get so angry I walk up to her, “Hello”, she turns smilingly and says “Hi”. I reply, “How’s my boyfriend in bed, because I know you are sleeping with him”, she looks at me in surprise, and I continue “Oh please cut the crap, women like you feel because you’ve got the body and whatever, you can use it to get any man you want. I spent how many years of my life with that man and yet what do I get? You!! Enjoy it while it lasts”.”For your information, I am more a woman than you will ever be in your life. Oh, and if you don’t know who I’m talking about, its David”. By the time I was done I realized that people were watching, so I just walked out of the supermarket. “Did I just do that?”, I ask myself.

As I exhale in relief over my outburst, I hear, “He said you were his housekeeper, besides you are not his type”. I turn around and watch this lady that has caused me so much hurt walk away with a lot of dignity.

As I pulled into the compound I realize that all the lights were off.  Did I waste that amount of time? I wonder, as the events of the evening replays in my head. I pull out my keys and unlock the door. As I try to find the light switch I receive a sharp smack on my face, “How dare you harass Hanna in public?”

Suddenly, I realize that David had just slapped me for the first time since I met him and it was because of another woman.


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  1. cuz the cheating abusive boyfriend story has never been done before, this site is like so original!! it just keeps me coming back for more!!! Its got really talented writers as well…grammar is always on point, articles are the most thought provoking…..what would I do if not for 360Nobs……

  2. Dear 360nobs ..why don’t u ever finish your stories,you let your readers wait for weeks..its pretty annoying….pls if you don’t hv the full story..don’t post …period!!! signed a very concerned reader!

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