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He just called me fat again, in front of his friends.  It’s no longer embarrassing because it has become a surname. I love him and I hate him at the same time. I have always been fat, and men do not find that attractive or should I say most men don’t find ‘fat’ attractive.

I pack the plates and head to the kitchen, I don’t have any more tears to shed.  He is the only man who has stared at me and agreed to date me.  I hear footsteps behind me, I turn round and see Mike standing by the door. He smiles at me.

“Never let his insults get to you, you know he cannot do without you”, that’s Mike; always trying to find the good in people. He manages to ease my mind away from the incident.

The weeks go on the same, me depending on David while I receive all sorts of verbal abuse from him both at home and in public.  I really need to get a job.  My mum didn’t spend all that money to sit at home and wait on a man who doesn’t appreciate me.

I woke up this particular morning and discover a tray beside me…I smile. Whenever David is planning to travel, he always wakes me up with breakfast in bed. Normally, I get sad that he has to make a business trip but this time am actually excited because I’ll be spending time with my girls who of course David doesn’t like.  He claims they will influence me badly. I hurriedly took a shower and join the girls, Amaka and Bunmi at our favourite hangout spot.

They are both stunning and always turn heads, even though Amaka is married and Bunmi is engaged.  They are slim and have that “coca-cola” figure according to men. I don’t envy them because they are my girls.

“How’s David? You know he is no good for you. Don’t know what you see in him”, I smile because that’s the normal starter of our conversations before it moves to other subjects. Bunmi is flicking through a magazine and nods in agreement towards to the conversation. We talk some more and have a good laugh.

On my way home in a taxi, feeling extremely relaxed after seeing the girls, my thoughts trail to David who should have landed in Lagos by now. A quick glance at my phone to check if I’ve missed any calls from him but nothing from him.

“Oga, please increase the volume I like that song” nodding my head, smiling and looking through my window to enjoy the outside activities, I do a double take – I see David with a skinny lady entering a building.  Did he miss his flight?  I call him…and before me, David says, “We just landed in Lagos now, will call you when I get to the hotel” and hangs up. Did that just happen?

In a daze, I continued my journey home – ‘our home’.  As I walked into the flat I’ve shared with David for almost 4 years and called my home – feeling very numb – I headed straight to bed and passed out.

I didn’t wake up till the following day, vaguely remembering yesterday’s events, I picked up my phone to make a call and I saw about 20 missed calls from Amaka & Bunmi (I forgot to call them and let them know I was home), another from David and the rest from my Mum. I checked my pings, the same messages except David telling me that he has gotten a good hotel and settled in ‘LAGOS’.  I laugh uncontrollably, what a fool I have been.

While I have been here, cooking, cleaning, giving my body to this man, it hasn’t been appreciated. I thought to myself that no matter my size, no woman deserves this type of infidelity. So, that means that there has probably never been a business trip.



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