J.E’s PIECES OF ME: A Savage Within (Poem)

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On the bed
A note 

‘Get ready for me’

Butterflies, I smiled
I was ready
But not for him
For he was just a ‘transporter’

Nibble, kisses, sensations
Heat pooling, pulsating

…I left him…
Cold room, iron bed
Chains, whips

Here comes my lover

My lover is faceless
My lover is nameless
He is my bully, I his ‘victim’
He dominates, I submit
Passionate, Primal, Passionate

Roughly, he shoves me to the bed
Chains on my limbs, spread
Rope, on my neck
Little circulation, I smirk
Just how I like

The ritual begins

WHIP…he teases me
WHIP…he spanks me
WHIP…he disciplines

I have been a ‘bad’ girl, he rages
I look up to him with pure hate
Yet, I scream for more

Slamming his lips down mine
Blood and pain rushes in as he bites
I crave for more

Little by little
Prick by pricks
The pins inch in
Deep into my skin

My pupils dilate
My limbs, numb
My laughter, demoniac

Faceless, yet I see him
Nameless, yet I call to him
And he answers me

In one painfully swift move
He rams into me
Like an animal hard at work
He ploughs me
Vicious, wild and unrestrained

Deep within my darkness
Pain, violation and emptiness
Awakened by his violence
A Savage

She was blood-thirsty
She was pain-hungry
She was orgasm-starved
She welcomed me with open arms

‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’
Groans and Moans
Screams and Squirts
Blood and Sweat

I return to reality

A sated man lying beside me
I smirk, he doesn’t know the half of it.  

June Ebube
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June Ebube

June Ebube

In 4 words - Confused, Lost, Crazy, Curious, In 3 words - Stinks of greatness. In 2 words - Unpredictably Intelligent. In 1 word - Creative. They say "...deeply erotic and sexual. Evoking fantasies beyond imagination...not your everyday poet. Yet flipping her over reveals another side....a talented and skilled nature decorated by a vivid imagination that turns dreams into ideas and eventually into elegant designs (www.oobejune.wordpress.com). Then again, beneath all these lies a mushy and emotional core....the source of the beauty that is June Ebube. In simple terms, she reflects the persona of a strong woman,the dream of the modern man!" No b me talk am o!


  1. WHat the hell!!! This is pure sexual perverted genius…Who ever this JUNE of a beast is…I bow.. He/she is pure genius. I was hooked, thIrsty and salivating altru till d last word..

  2. @The Man who licked his elbow: thank you for the comment…lol..I aint so much as perverted as I am imaginative. Thank you all the same and more poems are still to come. I am a she!

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