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We are loving the turn our Style Diary is taking.  Although each week you expect to see a stylish person but what is new each week is how current fashion trends are interpreted daily. Some of our featured guests have been  flamboyant as well as classic but most of all experimental. This week we’ll be featuring a stylish Medic who also thrives on personally customised pieces.  

His Name – Kossi Tobbi and he is studying medcine and surgery in Crimea State Medical University (CSMU), Ukraine.

His Style – Versatile, Classic but always with a touch of  hands-on creativity(definitely putting his surgical hands to good use).

What He Says – I’m not a model, a fashionisto, a photographer, or nothing of the sort. I’m  just a guy who knows how to combine outfits and pull them off fashionably. I design some of the clothes I wear and I love colors.  This week imma let y’all see how I be.  (Peace).

Kossi’s 360Fashion Style Diary: Day 4. Check out Day 3 of Kossi’s 360Fashion Style Diary here

I really didn’t plan on this outfit, but I remembered the shoes and when i tried it, it was perfect. I paired my favourite black pants with a black tee and a pair of yellow shoes.  Giving my favourite black hat much needed rest(LOL). No rings or neck chains -keeping it simple – Hope you like it.

Black pants – DENIM CO; Sneakers -BLACKSTONE ( I absolutely love the colour); Sunglasses -RayBan; Backpack -random

What are your thoughts on Kossi’s style? Check out Day 3 of Kossi’s 360Fashion Style Diary here.  If you would like to be a part of this or recommend someone then email tokunbo@360nobs.com.  Check out other STYLE DIARIES HERE 



Nerdy Fashionista, hopeless shopaholic, shamelessly vain and a firm believer in "ALWAYS" looking fabulous even through her hectic & frustrating role as a Bio. Engineer. Nurturing a secret crush on all fashionable Men, she wishes she'd have a Men's fashion line one day. Her glasses and confidence are her best accessories regardless of countless jewelry and cute shoes and bags. Be sure to trust fashion through her eyes! @toekunbore: don't be shy to say hi on twitter!

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