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This week, we’ll be featuring risk taking IFEANYI NWUNE.

Ifeanyi Nwune is an Electrical/Electronics Engineering student at Covenant University, Nigeria. He is a  Model, Brand Ambassador for streetwear designer ‘CoolBeans’, an assistant stylist at the recent Arise Magazine Fashion week and currently a stylist/designer with Moda Giovani.  As you can fathom he is fast stylishly making his way through the Nigerian fashion industry. He has been featured in the ThisDay Style magazine and Stylemania for his impeccable and unique sense of style and I must say that it is a thrill to have him featured on 360NoBS.  He says “I love fashion and art in general, so basically anything that relates to both thrills me”, and I’m sure he will thrill you in the next seven days with his sense of style! He is quite the risk taker, in that most of his outfits always have something edgy to them! I’m excited to see what he has to show!

Ifeanyi’s 360Fashion Style Diary: Day 2. Check out Day 1 of Ifeanyi’s 360Fashion Style Diary here

Hi guys:) Its May Day today or worker’s day as we all know it, either way it’s a public holiday; yet another excuse to sit back and watch the world go by for a bit before work starts again in the short but seemingly long 24 hours.LOL.

I particularly like the shirt I’m wearing, it was a gift and a very classy one at that because I love prints, all kinds; they are simple classics.  

My look today is similar to that of a “posh pirate” or “modernized pirate” whichever one you prefer. Picture this same outfit but remove the tasselled loafers and put a knee-length pirate shoe on one leg and a hook on another and paint an eye patch on the left eye, how do I look?  I have toned down that Jack Sparrow look and made it more presentable to the modern day mind.

You might be wondering why I’m comparing my look to that of a pirate, that’s because of the swirls of sea coral and fish scale patterns  and shades of colour (royal and sea blue with hints of gold- like the sun/sand), plus the feel of the soft cotton against my skin and how it drapes over the fitted orange shorts reminds me of the sea. 
Okay out of my pirate world, LOL, I’ve always wanted to colour block blue and orange and what better way to do it if not with some prints  🙂

The fedora hat and Coco & Breezy bracelets all add  a little whimsical touch to the whole look. The murse, and tasselled loafers act as modern complements, toning down the look to give an urban feel.

What are your thoughts on Ifeanyi’s style?  Check out Day 1 of Ifeanyi’s 360Fashion Style Diary hereIf you would like to be a part of this or recommend someone then email tokunbo@360nobs.com.  Check out other STYLE DIARIES HERE



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