WeNowPronounceYou: Mr and Mrs Black

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Elizabeth John and Yomi Black tied the knot beautifully on April 9, 2012 in Family Worship Center, Abuja. The reception followed at 3Jay Hotel, Utako, Abuja. This is their wedding story!

Her Story
The story you would most likely hear that I ran away from my folks and friends in Abuja to be with this over ambitious Yoruba boy, well it’s not entirely a lie, but what made me do it…

He has the face of a player and the heart of a prince, besides what’s not to like about him…..lol

His Story
I met Lizzy at the intern business reality show, My mind went wild,thinking why is this hot babe on a business reality show, not a beauty pageant. Little did I know?

So we enjoyed the trashing of the press and plenty folks that thought I was in this for just the good times…lhl

Anyway today I’m probably the happiest dude ever, and I will send you a cheque if your wife is hotter and smarter than mine…

photography by Soji Ogunnaike



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