The tale of the ‘confused friend’.

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Definition of ‘friend’ according to thesaurus dictionary online-A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

Beautiful girl-check

Excellent manners-check

Intelligent girl-check

God fearing-check

Amazing friend-check


Ready to do more and beyond for friends-check

Easily trusting-check

So with all these qualities what exactly is Bola’s problem with her friends?? Beats me too! Some have said it is jealousy from these friends, Bola’s refusal to see the glaring truth, Bola’s delusion that she lives in a fantasy world where no-one she tags as ‘a friend’ will hurt her, Bola’s easy-going and overly forgiving nature, wrong type of friends, etc.

Today many of us are ‘Bola’s’ in our friendships, unfortunately. For reasons above or even other reasons. Aren’t you tired biko?? In as much as an almost perfect picture has been painted about Bola here, it still doesn’t rule out the possibility that she might have a few bad sides to her (who doesn’t?) However in her case her good sides outweigh her bad sides (does same apply to you?) and that’s what’s important here.

The key message here is to decide you don’t even have a shit-o-meter, that way no form of bs in the name of friends can come close to hurting or frustrating you.

Take a stand today and keep all those who have let you down far far away from you and choose carefully henceforth who you refer to as ‘friend'(seeing as that word has been deeply abused)and what you tell this so-called ‘friend’

Do all of this and above all ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and you won’t go wrong ever! Let’s avoid some unnecessary rude shockers today and forever.

Hope this helps someone today.

written by: ADAUGO



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