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What is this country turning into ?
Why are young people so heartless ?
Why have we decided to create problems where there’s none ?
Who are these people eager to cause a rift between D’banj and Mohits?
I do not support wickedness in any form and the recent attacks on D’banj, are nothing but mere wickedness .
How can someone be so wicked to actually spend months trying different possible passwords to gain access into D’banj’s twitter account ?
The hackers probably took shifts trying to break into the account and somehow their wicked ways paid off.
They gained access, looked through his DMs, replied fans without insulting any and that was not enough for them.
They thought how can we show that we are powerful to have hacked into D’banj’s account, They said’ Let’s CHANGE his name ONLY”
That should be enough for the trouble and days spent at the hacking school.
What is this world turning into eh ?
Just last week too, a gang of armed robbers attacked a man in Ogudu GRA. Shot his gateman. Burnt down his burglary proof 
and even lost two men in the attack.
When they finally gained entrance ,they changed his TV from “Africa Magic ” to ” E” and left.
The end is really near .
I know you may have your doubts about D’banj, below is a release from his team but if you still do not believe them,
Repeat ” They hacked his account” 1000 times and restart your computer 


Over the past few weeks Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo aka D’Banj has experienced a series of vicious hacks on several of his social networking sites including his Facebook page and more recently, his Twitter of which his account name was wrongfully changed. Unfortunately the hackers managed to carry out a number of hurtful, damaging activities directly aimed to deceive D’Banj’s fans with false information. With the help of the security teams at both Twitter and Facebook, we have managed to regain full control of the said sites which are currently being operated personally by D’Banj. Fans can continue to interact with D’Banj at his official Twitter handle @IamDbanj and his official Facebook page Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is known and celebrated worldwide for his originality and distinctive sound and is committed to staying true to that foundation.

D’Banj apologies for any inconvenience caused by the hacking and thanks his beloved fans for their continued support.
Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode is born of an Igbo dad and Yoruba mum in Jos, Northern Nigeria. An avid lover of Nigerian music and PS games. Deputy manager in an IT firm during the day and Vodka lover at night. Follow me on 360nobs for THE PILL on my precise thoughts on all sorts of Nationwide or Worldwide silliness.


  1. Friggin’ hilarious….
    Daniel and his PR team must think naija is filled with slow people..
    This was a really nice piece Chioma!!
    Double Tuale!

  2. D’banj n his crew should shutup deir mouth,wt all dis publicity stunt…nobody hacked anytin,and if he doesn’t noe what to sing again REST…..and allow yung ones to continue DAVIDO I see u

  3. Nobs this has ‘you’ written all over it. The final one: they changed his Tv from AfricaMagic to E and left.’ Hahahaha

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