Social Networking: Do they strengthen or break relationships?

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Hi I am Mimi and am a social network addict.

Most of you are wondering what I mean by social network well I’ll tell you. A social network is a medium in which you can have multiple friends or contacts which keep you connected where you can share common interests etc. eg. Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, BlackBerry Messenger groups, MySpace etc.

The thing about social networks is you can be who you CREATE yourself to be. You can go on a site or networks create your own profile to be what you always wanted your life to look like or how you would love the world to see you.

With profiles it has become so bad and so sad that before a woman or man goes on a date with you your social network profile will be the first stop JUST to see what they are up against. You can imagine how many people lie on these things and make themselves into this person that you would want to be with, be seen with or just know. From “common interests” to the pictures on their page, that always makes it seem like they lead the most interesting lives when maybe it was just this ONE holiday they took and they give you different perspectives of it, either way this is what you use to judge your date.
Social networks are our new telephone lines, mail and letter box or whatever means of communication line that was ever created before the internet; it’s through these networks we now keep in contact with people, no one emails anyone anymore except for work related purposes. It’s QUITE understandable if you use yours for such but don’t let it take 5 hours of your 8 hours work day (corpers and civil servants you know what I am talking about).

Now due to these social networks many after effects have spiralled such as low productivity at work, lies uncovered mainly known as drama, breaking up relationships etc.
I had a friend tell me that to keep his girlfriend it seems he would need to buy a blackberry because he is dating his girlfriend and her blackberry; they are now three in the relationship. Ah now I jumped unexpectedly into this topic THE BLACKBERRY.

This is the WORSE plague that has come through Nigeria and the best thing to happen to all. Blackberry has become a guilty pleasure. Why? I hear you ask- It’s because when you couldn’t afford or you didn’t have one you hated on all those people that were at a party on their blackberrys and all you had was your measly Nokia N900, Yes equally an AMAZING phone but it’s NO blackberry. You were left out of the “What’s your PIN” circle and you hated it and you hated them but DEEP DOWN you wanted to own a blackberry. Now you do and it’s your guilty pleasure because you sold out but OH IT FEELS SO GOOD – it felt so right it couldn’t be wrong. You are no longer looked at as an outcast and you don’t miss the parties they only seem to send broadcast messages about.

Blackberry users have managed to become the number one anti socialist but also managed to be a number one conversation starter… this now brings me to “THE BOOTY PING”.

As a result of blackberry, back then when a guy used to “toast” you with phone calls and spends money texting you, now the “toasting” is for free… Doesn’t it make you feel a bit cheap that he got you through that unlimited chat session on your Blackberry? When he wants you he just “PINGS, hence the term “Booty Ping”. Back then there used to be an effort but due to these social networks it’s not just THAT much of an effort to toast you.

Facebook is now the key to selling yourself or selling anything really. It is your very own advertising campaign to getting YOU known and noticed. Always changing that Facebook profile to impress your “friends” and the ever staring at your relationship status waiting for the day you can change it from SINGLE to MARRIED.

Twitter now the thing is twitter is TRULY not that easy to understand but once you have your blackberry in hand it becomes a PATHETIC but needed addiction. I like to think of twitter as your own mobile psychiatrist. Thing about twitter is like a series of updates that only allows you type 160 words to express yourself or your status to the world. The thing about twitter is it’s a playground for the drama inclined. I use my twitter to express myself and let out my stress some use it as a playground for beef and outing people. Worse thing about twitter is you update as much as you want and put up a picture with that update; with the power of a blackberry camera and a continuous update and people getting notifications to their phone think of twitter as a colourful realistic “GOSSIP GIRL”.

These networks are fun and very addictive but all these things sometimes distract you from the finer things in life like your REAL friends, family and your partner. News spreads very fast I assure you its the other thing faster than a speeding bullet and light. ONCE you update that status update about your change to in a relationship to single you’ll be amazed the amount of people who will comment and are just WAITING to have a laugh at your expense.
Guys/Girls writing on your woman or man’s wall don’t necessarily mean he is cheating on you it could be her/his fantasy world, his world away from all, to still feel wanted or it really could just be a friend keeping in touch with him.

Anyone who knows me knows my Facebook page is a joke; I go on there and play with the world… It’s my playground. Why do I do this? Life is too short to be restricted to petty gossip and news, focus on what’s important to you.

YOUR PARTNER SHOULD NEVER FEEL you love social networks more than you love them.
Now some people actually use these social networks to their advantage and they do it well. For some when your put “I am in a relationship with” it makes your partner practically feel you lot are married, no ring required HE OR SHE LOVES ME. This is good for some but some players just claim that’s “my cousin”, we have all heard the she or he is my cousin line before. Once you put her or him as your profile picture as her face or his face your partner feels so loved and wanted. Now all this could be true love but it could also be a way to get them off your back, don’t get me wrong I trust people just not the devil in them. When did social networks determine the strength of the foundation of your relationship? Some girls/boys get REALLY upset when you put “single” as your status to them you don’t love or respect them. Why should this be the determinant for love?
Social networks are fun but they shouldn’t replace reality. Trust who you are with and not what you are told through a digital screen. Social networks do they replace, strengthen or break relationships? I don’t know, I’m not psychic… just a blogger. All I know is don’t be dumb and loose relationships because of unrealistic matters.

This has been a public service announcement.

Writtten By Mimi a.k.a The Truth.



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  1. “twitter is like a series of updates that only allows you type 160 words”
    erm, excuse me, twitter is “140 characters” except if you’re using ubersocial. which gives you an extension.

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