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This April marks the second year anniversary of Dagrin’s death and to commemorate this, the director of his only solo video, Gini, is set to release an authoritative and informative documentary of the young rapper’s life.

The clip is over an hour long and combines both known and never-before-seen clips and images of Dagrin. It contains interviews with most of the persons that crossed the path of the young man and contributed to his rise to fame in the Nigerian music industry. It is a real time presentation that paints a perfect HD picture with excellent voice narration and sequencing.

The documentary seeks to further promote the works of the late rapper and act as a reference point for upcoming acts. It also aims to put an end to some of the mysteries which have surrounded the late young man’s death. Aptly entitled, REMEMBERING DAGRIN, it comes under the auspices of OMOITA ENTERTAINMENT, an outfit founded by Gini who was much more than just a video director to Dagrin. “We were very good friends and he convinced me on his dreams and plans for his career and the Nigerian entertainment industry. Dagrin had plans of having his own crew made up of young artistes like him who are struggling through various adversities to make their voices heard. So OMOITA was created to also help artistes like him realize their dreams and carry on the dreams he had for MISSOFUYIN ENTERTAINMENT,” Gini said.

He also added that the name, “OMOITA,” came from Dagrin who was popularly known as the C.E.O (Chief Executive Omoita) which was the title of his 2009 sophomore album which contained the hit track, “Pon Pon Pon,” whose video, Gini directed. “Dagrin made me popular in the industry and I believe I owe him a duty to tell the real story behind some of his struggles that I witnessed. Not many people knew that we were already in the process of shooting the video of “Ghetto Dreams,” feat Sossick, the first track of the album, on the day Dagrin died.”

Gini whose real name is Abiodun Olayinka is a video director and Film Maker who has done a number of notable works in the entertainment industry. Among the videos he has directed are T.Y Bello’s “Greenland,” Mo’ Cheddah’s “Ko Ma Roll”, 9ice’s Loni Ni featuring Dagrin as well as J Martin “Eva” and many more classics.

Within this engaging Documentary, OMOITA, the Label is launched. You will also hear The OMOITA ANTHEM and see the various talented artistes from New York, London and Lagos that have shown immense interest and support to the Movement.

Here is the link to the Trailer of the documentary:



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