Popular Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker Arrested In Nigeria

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Van Vicker is one of those actors whom some women croon over in Africa thanks to some movie roles which he dazzled them with. He’s quite popular in Africa as he has starred in a number of movies which aired in various countries and so it would be impossible not to notice an actor like that being led away by security forces.

According to Nollywood Uncut the actor was arrested some few days by the SSS in Nigeria when some prop guns were identified in his luggage. The actor claimed it was for an upcoming movie but the security operatives said they had to take the weapons to Ikoyi-Lagos for their experts on the issue to have a closer look at the supposed weapons.

The actor is said to have contacted actress Uche Jombo who helped pull some strings which saw the actor get out of custody, but without the make believe weapons.

Source: Nollywood Uncut
Mistah Cole

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