Nigerian Movie Marketers Plan To Stop DSTV & Others From Showing Nigerian Movies

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Things just got a whole lot interesting on the African movie scene with the Nigerian movie marketers making plans to stop DSTV’s African Magic channels and other African pay TV stations showing movies from showing Nigerian movies, which accounts for majority of what they show.

According to Ascology, the marketers came together at O’jez in Surulere, Lagos for a press conference where they made their intentions known. From all indications, what they’re trying to drive at is to ensure that they (the marketers) get the upper hand in marketing the movies instead of it appearing on the cable stations. Thus May 1 has been set out as the date from which Nigerian movie marketers will rule and determine how movies get distributed, while DSTV’s multiple African channels lean back and wait for whatever comes to them, when it comes to them.

Read what the chairman of the Lagos chapter had to say on the issue.

“The future commencement date is to allow a window for alignment and perfection of all enforcement procedure as solicited by our association Board of Trustees. A standard form contract has also been adopted to ensure total compliance.

Sequel to the obvious prospect from this regulation, we shall further progress with other essential reforms and expansion of our distribution network. We hope in no distant time to regain our lost bliss.

Ajaegbu said the greatest problem plaguing the economic viability of the Nigerian motion picture industry today remains that of indiscriminate broadcast of our films by numerous cable and terrestrial television stations.

The economic consequences arising from the proliferation of these films is manifest in the retarded development of our distribution channels. It is also visible from dwindle in the entire business of film making.

Many practitioners hardly meet up with their basic economic needs. Some of us lived and died in penury.”

Some shine like stars and whither like the ashes. We all are living witnesses to incessant cases of strokes and other blood pressure related ailments. The broadcast stations smile to the banks with their banks.”

I’d wager DSTV wouldn’t take this News with a smile as it comes barely a week after the cable network launched some new African stations.

Source: Ascology

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