Top African Movie Director, Kunle Afolayan, Throws A Tantrum On Twitter Over The Eligibility Of ‘Phone Swap’ For The AMAA’s

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When the list of nominees for the Africa Movie Academy Awards was released two movies that caught my attention were Phone Swap and Adesuwa as the movies were yet to begin showing in cinemas despite the former of the two being screened overseas (not so sure if the other was though).

The exact method for consideration of movies in the AMAA’s isn’t known to me at this point, but definitely things like this would bring that to the forefront as people have begun to question the rationale behind nominating a movie for an award when it’s not yet showing in cinemas.

A lady, Abigail Anaba (@Anabagail), took to twitter Wednesday morning to try and get more information on how Phone Swap could have been nominated for an award weeks before it started to show in cinemas unknown to her Nigerian movie director Kunle Afolayan, who directed the movie, was following her tweets and decided to answer her in what would seem like his own way and manner of putting an end to whatever issue might arise from her questions and the growing response it was getting.

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Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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  1. The same way 12 Years a slave got nominated for Oscar before it’s cinema release. It’s better for you guys to find things out before displaying ignorance. AMAA has website, right? I’m sure the info you need is readily available there.

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