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WARNING: This isn’t for overly goody too shoed people!

I hadn’t been to Nigeria in 6 years, all I did was live for medicine in the U.S, My life was in the hospital, I would be on call for 72 hours straight sometimes. I would fantasize about the hot attending and residents or even the hot ass patients that I treated but I was too timid, I hid behind my thick glasses but unknown to me, everyone referred to me as that “Hot, geeky Doctor”. I know I’m Beautiful, though I’m below 6ft in height, my body is adorned with full round breasts and a booty girls in Beverly Hills pay for but I never pay attention to these things abi isn’t it when someone notices that you will have time to even look in the mirror for reasons other than brushing your teeth in the morning? No man has approached me in 4 years (except for flirts on social networks), and I have relied on porno websites, and a massive box of rabbits, vibrators and dildos to keep me going because as a doctor I know that lack of some form of sexual behavior causes some of the worst types of depression and even though I’m geeky with no social life. I know that my ‘vajayjay’ shouldn’t resemble that which has been on display at a museum for a decade, dried, rusty and painfully tight! Moving on…

So after 6 years, I had planned that I would go back to Nigeria for Christmas which was last Christmas (12/2011). I had had friends go to Nigeria and come back with all sorts of gist about how the men are hot and how the clubs were “on point” and how Lagos has changed and things like that so I was like by force by fayah I had to visit last Christmas. My friends decided that since I was going home it was only right that they did something they called “setting P”. At that time I didn’t know anything about all these things but yeah, they got me hooked with a few guys and I started talking to them and planning how I would ride their dicks when I got a hold of them. But only one was appealing to me in a different way, He was just right, slightly older, wealthy, handsome and sleek with words. We engaged in a few video calls and I liked what I saw each time and goshhh was he sexy.

Cutting the long story short, I landed in Nigeria and I finally got to meet this man; He was even better looking in person, all I wanted was to tear his clothes off and have hot steamy sex! But he kept taking me out on occasions that seemed like dates and I was getting impatient; me that I probably didn’t even know what a real dick felt like anymore, I was eager to fuck and he was taking me to the movies and weddings? So I decided to show my desperation stylishly and I told him I wanted to come over to his house, he immediately got the message and fixed a date. Little did I know…

The day came and this fateful night, I had worn lingerie, shaved every necessary part of my body and sprayed on seductive perfume with a body hugging, cleavage showing, short dress, there was no way he could resist. I was horny throughout that day I can remember, I was nurturing Niagara Falls in between my legs from thinking about the pounding of a dick inside my pussy and kisses on the neck, nipples, ears and what have you. My thoughts were unclean throughout that day and when we arrived at his house, I met a beautiful, light skinned lady; very beautiful. I was scared at first thinking it was his wife and indeed I was right she was his wife and she was perfectly okay with me around which bothered me even more. I was starting to panic, as I had heard stories of kidnappers and things; my palms were sweating ehn, I was looking for an escape when the guy came to lead me into his room. My mind relaxed again, consoling myself that it was possible that he had lied to her that I was a colleague or something stupid (anything to get the thought that I could be used as juju away from my head).

As we stepped into the dark room my mind raced thinking I was about to be slaughtered like Salah ram and just as I was about to open the door and make an escape he grabbed me from behind and kissed my ear lobes, tracing the round edges with the wet tip of his tongue, his two hands embracing the fullness of my breasts, I felt something cold moving slowly up the front side of my thighs, I was beginning to think he had four hands, maybe he belongs to a cult of strange people, my heartbeat increased in fear. I was now scared and horny which is not exactly the feeling I hoped for, it was fearful pleasure. I could feel his fingers run through my nipples through my clothes while the cold feeling was now fast approaching my pussy; my leg spread in sync with the moan I let out as he squeezed my now rock hard nipples. He then whispered something to me, I wasn’t even listening, and the atmosphere was too intense; I felt him unzip my dress exposing bare skin and lingerie.

At this point I was scared of what he’ll do to me with his supposed four hands since the past minute was a lot of teasing and I still had it at the back of my mind that I would be killed after being molested and the thought for some reason increased the rate at which I became wet. A pair of soft and cold hands rested on my waist with a slippery cold feeling that felt like ice below my belly button, the hands slowly removed my lace thong and as the hands were moving down my waist the icy feeling followed still in the middle; trailing cold wetness down the middle of my crotch and resting between my pussy lips. At this point I let out a quiet scream and as I attempted to look down subconsciously, the man loosened the bra hooks leaving me naked and vulnerable and mouth now wide open in pleasurable awe

. He ran his finger through down the hollow middle of my back while using one of his legs to push my wide apart he then inserted two fingers inside my pussy in a sudden fast thrust, unexpected causing me to moan loudly, the icy feeling was now accompanied by something that fell like a tongue, the ice rested just on top of my clit while the tongue was flickering and licking right below it. The tongue, ice and fingers were now in sync, causing me to moan while wondering how I can still feel his breath against my neck and his tongue down there all of a sudden the speed of the fingering and licking increased bringing me to a deadly climax, heels above the ground, legs shaking almost losing my balance, the man led me to the bed, letting out something that sounded like a mocking laughter and I hated him but at the same time I wanted him to do whatever he just did again and more.

I wasn’t stupid, he couldn’t have four hands, I thought as I felt kisses trail from my thighs up to my nipples; there’s probably someone else in this room and as those kisses got to my neck, I felt the boobs of the person kissing me and the skin was incredibly soft and cold, I even felt a large heap of silky hair and when the person kissed me it dawned on me that it was a woman, it was his wife! They had planned it all along! And as she felt the fearful aura from the pace of my heartbeat she whispered to me; “you taste good with ice” and licked the hollow on my shoulder blades sensually, I moaned revealing how sensitive my neck area could be and then she kissed me again this time the fact that I knew where the other set of hands were from relieved me, making me less suspicious so I got a bit comfortable; I kissed her exploring every corner of her mouth turning her over so I could be on top, I could make out her husband’s silhouette touching himself at the faint sight of the girl-on-girl action going on. I kissed her nipples, fathoming how small in size her breasts were and licking the hard nipples with the tip of my tongue, nibbling, biting, flickering, and feeding on them while I played with the other twisting them like radio tuners and making her moan loudly…I noticed how hot she was and in the hope of doing some damage and paying her back for making me think that a man could have four hands, I kissed all around her thigh-pussy area, rubbing my fingers lightly through the back of her thigh which is a clitoral extension.

I licked the sides of her pussy lips nibbling on them simultaneously, I sucked on her clit till I was swollen and hard and then inserted my tongue inside her, licking the walls and curling my tongue up to brush against the g-spot, she is moaning and groaning and sighing and as the sex sounds increase. I increased the speed at which I’m tongue-fucking the bitch who would share her husband with another woman. She splashed all over my face and before I could go anywhere or even relax her husband had his dick inside me from behind, ramming inside my wetness and enjoying the warm tightness of my pussy, the wife gave me a 6 inch dildo urging me to insert it into her and as I did, she adjusted herself to fill the whole thing in at least almost. Her husband was now fucking hard, extremely fast, spanking me and twisting my nipples in the process, as horny and the closer to coming I became, the faster I throbbed the dildo inside her pussy, this went on and

I was feeling the approach of a killer climax and she grinded in sync with the throbbing of the dildo, she screamed and yelled “don’t stop” and I was screaming “keep going” I was now dripping wet, pussy juice dripping down my thighs, she was yelling “I’m gonna cum” and her husband kept slamming like his life depended on it, it was a wonderful fuck!!! She then squirt all over my face for the second time and since it was taking me longer, I let my fingers play with her clit, causing her to lay there, body vibrating endlessly and finally I came, it was blissful, it was unlike the dildo I was stuck with back in the states, it was a real dick and it was wonderful. We went on a second round, this time his wife was on top of his dick, grinding and I was kissing her nipples while I sat on his lips, facing her. Won’t bore you with details…

I didn’t get killed, they weren’t kidnappers or molesters, they were just a very spontaneous couple. I didn’t even tell my friends about this, when they asked I said it was just alright when I knew it was an experience of a lifetime. And if any of them get to read this and fathom who wrote it then you know what I enjoyed lol, my bad you had to find out on here. I felt the need to share with someone and since I don’t keep a journal I felt this would be best. At least I knew that when I went back to the states I wouldn’t need the porn or dildo, I’ll go back refreshed with my hormones rejuvenated. And even if I used the dildo, I would have a wonderful experience to vividly imagine while I touch myself. It was a wonderful December holiday and now I have ticked “Threesome” off my bucket list!

PS: If you think you would have freaked out in my position, think again! And if you still think so your sex life needs to be spiced up! I woulda thought the same in my glasses and doctors overall.

Written By : Nwadiuto Adaora 



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  1. I read this 2 times. I won’t lie, it sounds fake but its a cool story…this would probably be the only way I could have a 3some as its not something I’d endeavor to partake in.

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