“I was not arrested,” Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker Denies Arrest Rumours

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After rumors hit the net that Van Vicker was arrested in Nigeria on his way back from America where he’d gotten dummy guns which he hoped to use in a movie, the popular actor has come out to deny those rumours, no surprise there.

In an exclusive interview with Hitz Fm on Wednesday, the actor attempts to break down what really happened and thus put an end to the rumours. “I need to really get it clear that I was not arrested,” he said, according to him, he did indeed get some prop guns from America but they were to be delivered to him in Nigeria as he was currently in that country as against the story that he was bringing them in and got arrested doing so.

According to Vicker, he was stopped on his way to Ghana with the prop guns after going past the check points to come and identify his luggages. Afterwards the security agents denied him the option of leaving the guns with them as he was told he had to stay for the declaration on the guns and also a cross-check to establish they were just stage guns.

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Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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