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I REMEMBER: The day I always want to forget

I remember seeing him, my friend introduced me to him and I remember the first thing that came to my head… he looks like sex.

I couldn’t explain it, I’m not that kind of girl… the kind who just sleeps with guys without them going through all the hoop la of getting to know me and exhausting the needed “courting time”. I wasn’t that kind of girl… I was the good kind who wanted a relationship, to build something but him… he looked like sex and I wanted sex.

That night I remember looking at his lips and thinking how his lips were so thick and thought of the places he could put them on… on my body. I thought of how strong he was because of his perfectly toned, sculptured biceps and triceps; he would be so strong he could lift my petite frame with ease, like a toy… I wanted to be treated like a toy, I wanted him to play with me, have his way with me, and twist my body in positions he wants; that’s what would make me happy what HE wants.

I couldn’t stop thinking about his back and his slim waist… oh my gawd when he lifted his hand to call the waiter in the smoky room, through the crowd and the waiter standing infront of him- despite all of these obstacles? I saw his sculptured perfect waist; I could tell his abs were just as perfect as his form… Gawd I wanted him but I am not that kind of girl. We said good night and departed but lawd I remember.

I saw him again… he wanted me too.

We exchanged PINs and we started the courting. I remember thinking to myself… I just want you… I just want you… I don’t want to get to know you BUT I am not that kind of girl SO I will get to know you but ultimately? I want you to know me… intimately. I already had my love face on every time your name popped up on my screen I remember thinking that’s how I am going to make you “rise up to the occasion” just like when you ping? You “cum” up first. Simple things to me? I turned into sexual innuendos… I just really want you.

It’s Sunday and I finally get to have you, I come to meet you… I didn’t have the time for you to be the man and come to me… I just wanted you. I am with you… Finally! Kissing you but I remember how I kept thinking to myself this has to be the most uncomfortable environment I have ever been in… we were in the most uncomfortable position… You didn’t even have the time for foreplay, no time to get me wet for you… that’s fine, you already knew I was soon as I walked through the door. It was ok I wanted you. I didn’t understand why you didn’t want me naked and why you just dropped your pants, left your shirt on, fell on me, found my garden and went right in. I remember a documentary was on the television it was something about a lion and his prey, I hate documentaries but today? At this moment? It looked interesting so I decided to watch. I remember hearing a grunt over my shoulder; I remembered it was you making love to me, your version of course. I’m sorry I had turned my head to the side while you were on me. I felt it was rude of me to watch the television while you made love to me so… I slipped in a moan. I realized that the moan got you going. I needed you to be done… so I moaned some more, the lion was about to pounce on its prey and shark week was coming on next so I moaned some more and before the lion finished eating his prey on the tele you were done.

I remember thinking… is this what all the looks, flirty text messages and your sexy body was all for? 5 minutes of sex??? And you wanted to cuddle afterwards? No… I suddenly had to work and I left.

As I go through my contact list and see your name? I remember the night I want to always forget… *DELETE CONTACT?* YES!!

This is dedicated to EVERY WOMAN who has gone through rubbish with a guy and UPON ALL?? UPON EVERYTHING?? The anticipation of it all? The sex was rubbish. We all have that one dick (and I mean male genitals) we aren’t proud of… Tonight? I remember.

written by: MIMI



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  1. Well written I must say, buh I guess yhur anticipation overclouded eryfin. Aw kan a geh not be foreplayed, on a first time? Next time, make sure Ў☺ΰ are toyed wif.

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