I REMEMBER: The night with her

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I REMEMBER: The night with her

I thought to myself this is an exquisite woman that I must get my hands on, this is all I thought of when I first met you… this is an exquisite woman I must get my hands on. I don’t usually use words like “exquisite” or think of the work I would have to do to get a woman but you brought a certain class to the game, a certain je ne sais quoi I couldn’t comprehend… I want you and I must have you.

I spoke to you that day; the day after we met I called you to arrange a dinner date. I usually don’t have to work hard for a woman, I mean I’m no Adonis, I’m no Greek god of beauty but it’s always come easy to me but now you, you are now my prey. I usually don’t speak about women in derogatory ways but you brought a certain instinct to the game, a killer instinct, by gawd I have my eyes on you and now I must have you. I have never seen such curves placed perfectly on a woman; skin so soft I imagine touching it would be like the air in heaven, pure, fresh…mine.

We’ve been talking now.

Gawd how much courting must I do to get you? And these “hard to get games” you women play? How long do I have to play along to show you I’m better at this than you? I tried to warn you I am good at this but alas you think you are holding all the cards, no worries I’ll play along. You seem to be good at this game, you usually get what you want, no matter… you brought a certain skill to the game that I haven’t seen in a while, I see the tactic you want to use… you are going with the “pretty girl, too busy, never been touched” angle; no worries I’ll bring the  “I’m a gentleman I’ll never hurt you” angle by gawd you are different… I will have you. I know your type…

Months of courting and we are finally alone, in my room, I’ve courted enough, this is the longest I have had to court for the prize of the nookie, I should be giving a Pulitzer or better yet an Oscar after we both play the roles of our lives tonight, you the woman who I know wants me, me the man who will have you. We are kissing, I am feeling you and you tell me to stop, its getting too hot and heavy… I remember you saying you wanted to build a relationship and you don’t want to have sex again until you trust someone again… no worries you are about to witness my Oscar performance.

I hold you and cuddle you I tell you its all going to be alright, I tease you, you looked me in the eye and said to me no matter how much I want you and I ask you to make love to me… don’t. You gave me the keys to your body and boy was I going to turn them until I open the door to your garden. I kissed you intensely; like the answer to everlasting life were in between your lips, on your tongue. I went down to the perfect form and shape you call a neck, gawd you smell good I remember… I nibbled on it on just a little bit, I feared for you that it may be hurt a bit but your nipples getting hard and your moan made me know you liked it. I couldn’t stop there; you called my name… I went lower it felt like an exploration, an exploration into Eden gawd the way your body called for me. I was on your navel I held your waist firmly with my hands and drew you closer… I saw the arc forming, that’s the space in between your thighs it was getting wider… you said you wanted me. I said no.

You stopped, I remember, you opened your eyes and said why… I said you told me not to, you were shocked… I said no I am a man of my word; I would never hurt you… you told me no so I wont do anything further to you. I remember you looking at me like I was a messiah and you held me close and said you’ve never met a man so trustworthy and gentle, you said I should take you there and then. I remember screaming yes in my head my Oscar performance was almost complete. I explained to you how this would affect me in the morning if you left unhappy and I don’t want to ruin a good thing and you shut me up with a kiss… I was a man, a man with sensitivity. I remember that falsetto in your voice when you prayed… you seemed to be praying a lot, calling the name of God after every thrust I made… you called my name and begged me to make you reach that climax your body had been waiting for, you came.

We cuddled for five minutes; I remember because I kept checking the time wondering when you would leave, to me the cuddling was the wrap party after our love making scene had been shot and wrapped… it was time for you to go, the party is over. I explained to you why you had to leave… I had work in the morning, my boss had just sent me a message to come into work first thing, you were so concerned and helped me dress up and I walked you out.

I don’t particularly understand why you were angry, yes I understand its been a week since we had “passionate love” I don’t understand why you would use such romantic terms to explain a night of just sex, I am sorry I didn’t call its been a crazy week.

Yes! I remember we haven’t seen each other in almost a month and I hardly pick up your calls; I explained to you its been a hectic few weeks, further explained I was slaving away at my desk at that very second, how selfish you were, you didn’t understand my strife… you apologized, hoped to see me soon, told me I shouldn’t work too hard, make sure I eat and hung up. I dropped the phone and kept having a drink with my boys… I had seen my new prey already: HEY! A man gotta eat.

I’m sorry you held out for too long, played way too many games, made me spend so much money and time and I have gotten what I wanted which wasn’t that amazing by the way and I hope after a few more missed calls and no reply from me? You would understand I don’t want you. I sit and remember the night with her but I also remember its time to move on to new and more explorative grounds. Tonight? I remember.

This is dedicated to every player out there who has conquered that “unconquerable” woman and to the women who think are in control… lets be honest we never really are- we loose some we win some… its all a risk. Every time you date a guy? It’s a risk he may do everything you want when you want? But it might all be a game to him. Dating isn’t easy and sometimes it’s downright annoying.

If you are one of the people looking for love, marriage, and are serial dating in search of this? Put God first because honestly? You are gonna need all the help from the heavens to score a good man. Or good woman HAPPY HUNTING PEOPLE! And to the men with mad game who manage to flip the script totally on us? WOW I RESPECT YOU and you should totally call me.

This has been a public service announcement.

written by: Mimi a.k.a The truth.



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  1. This was way too cool…. I luv d unhappy ending, I thot it was gonna be one of dose nollywood ending wen d guy got hit by a car.dis z ur 1st post I’m reading bt trust me I’m impressed

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