I Dont Speak Blackberry Messenger Love

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This really started as a bbm stat update: “How come its mostly women who put up DPs of guys they love?” My initial problem with this was when did BBM DP become the basis of love?

I’ve been single FOR SO VERY LONG that I don’t particularly understand what dating is today. I don’t understand patience that girls have to have for men they are dating, I don’t understand why I have to dedicate my dp to the man I love, I don’t understand why instead of just communicating with the man I love directly I put up a bbm stat to tell him how I feel WHICH is usually 2 extremes- either I’m so stupidly in love or I’m stupidly angry with you, I EVEN MORE don’t understand why the thought of relationship thrives more today because we have BBs, this thought has been instilled in people’s minds.

These may be debates that we have all had with our friends indoors and amongst ourselves but I for one I’m SO bored all of this BBM related drama.

I believe a Blackberry is the ONLY device that should come with a visual or audio manual on how to deal with relationship issues that can be caused via social networking; also preparing you for the consequences of replying messages “late” because the person you are chatting with is using his/her BBM clock to time why you haven’t replied a message yet (I was unaware of this timing mechanism until recently).

Whatever happened to courting and talking so there’s no miscommunication because TRUST ME chatting can send out a wrong tone from what was intended.


I met a guy who gave me his PIN on the basis of “I want you to send me this UMBLERRA skit going around” (which I think was new and honestly very intriguing new way of getting a PIN). He didn’t have my number nor had he ever scheduled a date with me but YET he kissed me. I was MAINLY shocked because I REMEMBER back in the day, forgive me I’m old school, BUT there was a time where mobile services existed for just talking and this young man had never called me but had the nerve to kiss me BASED on BBM conversations.

I feel you haven’t even put the effort into our relationship but BECAUSE you have my PIN you feel you have credibility over the guys who tried to get it and failed?

I’m sorry I digress…

My point is really when did BBM become the basis of the longevity and strength of a relationship?

I’m personally a very private person when it comes to my love life, I can tell you when I had to do no. 2 but you’ll hardly know who I’m dating UNLESS I tell you. NOW believe they are other people out there JUST like me that are private; does that mean we are shitty girlfriends and boyfriends to the public because once in a while we don’t give tribute via our BBM DPs to our UNDIEING LOVE?
I have to say though I’m only focusing on people in a relationship, what about shag buddies? DO we also need to put up DPs to value our relationship with our shag buddies? OR by putting up pictures of the ones we love are we killing ALL the potential ASS you would accumulate in the future? So is it free to say that putting up the DP of the man or woman you love is a RISKY investment of the loss of acquirable lays?
There really is no manual to this is there? Blackberry RELEASE A MANUAL PLS I EMPLOY YOU.

I digress again.

I further wonder WHY O WHY would women give men such power by them putting it up as their DPs while their boyfriends hardly or never put her’s up? NOW THIS I have a theory.

I repeat I’m coded, this gives me the ability to put up pics of a lot of guys as my DP- I like to call it a guessing game for folks because I ALWAYS get a “Is this him” question… its rather predictable now. What I have come to find is once I reply “Lol no he is just a friend” I am left alone THEN I get toasted or a flirt out of it… So girls in relationships can equally get away with it too and it really only INCREASES their chances in fact for girls in general it ONLY works in our favour.
Men? Unfortunately it only comes with drama so I guess I can identify. One day I asked my brother to put up my pic as his DP and I put up his. As a result of this, my brother lost a shag buddy of his, it was until two weeks later the girl confessed that he was showing off his PRETTY girlfriend to the world (I like to focus on the pretty part) and she wouldn’t be insulted like that… My brother simply laughed, sighed and said “That’s my kid sister”. Of course she ran over and they had make up sex, happy ending. Another funny story was a friend of mine’s shag buddy asked him why he doesn’t put up her DP and his reply was “once you make me feel like the man in your life…I will” CLASSIC FLIPPING THE SCRIPT! SO REALLY its how you choose to play the game.

Its just BB has brought a whole new BUNCH of skills to the “love”game making the old skills that existed for years look like Child’s play.

This really all boils down to… Don’t take life too seriously its just BlackBerry TRY not to be insulted or disrespected by status messages and Display pictures KEEP YOUR LIFE PRIVATE it isn’t Hollywood SO it IS possible.

I don’t have the answers I’m only putting my thoughts on screen but I will say this… TO ALL the cheating men and women out there I respect your game and to all the single men and ladies like me? The person who will come along that you’ll never have to question anything they do or how they feel? Irrespective of social network attention is coming… in the meantime? Update ALL YOU WANT with whatever person’s pic you want… its only BBM.

This has been a public service announcement.

Mimi a.k.a The Truth.

Written by  Mimi Achineku



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