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The Oxford English Dictionary defines HOPE, as a feeling that something wanted may happen.

Hope is also having a positive attitude towards life struggles. Optimism is HOPE; there is no HOPE without a positive mindset as there is no positive mindset without hope.

Hope is what makes life worth living. I would not be wrong if I said a man without hope is like a living corpse. Hope is the fuel that keeps you going, it provides the much needed confidence that the next 1min, 1hour, 1day, 1week, Month and Year will provide your long awaited expectation. Hope is important to man as food to the stomach, as medicine to the sick, as joy to mourners, as a pilot to a plane, as bullet to a gun………

Why do we need Hope?

We need hope as much as we need the air that we breathe in; having hope is like having a master key to any locked door.

We need hope to build our confidence, to enhance our faith in others, to see a brighter future even if the present situation is so far from it like a plane in the sky and a matchbox on the floor.

We need hope to persevere, to stay on despite the failures we have had, the difficulties we have faced (and still facing), the tears we have shared…

We need hope to fufill our different destinies, to actualize our dreams, to get to the apogee of our various careers.

We need hope to be alive, for we are dead without it.

You can have all the Cars, the Money, the Fame and everything but if you don’t have hope, you are as good as dead, as lifeless as a dead lion, as useless as a White Elephant.

We need hope to run life’s race to the end, because the race never seems to end. Life’s difficulties are continuous.

For every level of difficulty conquered by you, there are others at the next level waiting for you. The importance of having hope cannot be overemphasized.

Do you have it?

So do you have hope, do you still believe in your abilities, your dreams, your future? Is your past and present so difficult that you have lost hope. Are you so downcast that hope seems like a mirage?

Have you failed so much that failure cooks and dines with you. Do you still consider yourself a game changer, a motivator, a leader, an achiever?

Do you now live your life like a frustrated man? Is your life so like that of Job, or you have been rejected, have you been betrayed, heartbroken, deserted, disjointed?

After all these, just take sometime and ask yourself if you still have hope. It doesn’t matter if you have lost the magic touch, the zeal, the capital, and the tenets that are needed to achieve your goal. Hope can make all these available.

If you have it; don’t lose it for anything. You may be going through hell, you may have the worse case, you might have been forgotten but if you have it, you are sure to see a brighter day, so don’t lose it, don’t lose it for the best things in the world. Don’t kill it because of what you are facing now.

Hope is a restorer, a perseverer, so guard it with your life because you are as good as dead without it. Helen Keller once said “The best and the most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen or touched” (paraphrased).

Mistakes are painful at first but as time goes on they become a collection of experiences called lessons, so embrace life and its lessons.

No matter what, don’t ever give up, don’t lose hope, keep persevering, and keep being positive.

“If a man die shall he live again, all the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change comes” – Job 14:14

I don’t know what you are going through, trust me the world will only be sympathetic but truth is, the world is a tough one, HOPE is what keeps us going.

P.S: The dangers of not having hope far outweighs the dangers of having it (if any)…… We shouldn’t live our lives without it. GET ON, BE HOPEFUL

Yours & Yours

 Rhuni Jim



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