Confessions Of A Call Girl: Journal entry 4

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Hey, hey. Let’s just agree to do this every other week yea? I’m going to skip ahead because at this rate we will always be slightly behind on my progress report. All that you need to know is that Miss and I reached an agreement, a very strange one too for Miss. You see; we got into a partnership. Thing is, Miss is always the boss, but she says she is scared that I would find a way to become her boss if she didn’t take me as an equal right away.

Moving on.

I had passed spectacularly and Miss was sure I was ready to jump right in. I explained to her that I had to keep up the good grades without fucking a lecturer and that I would not miss more than five lectures in a semester and she agreed that we could probably work with that, we drew up a contract and we were ready to go.

I remember that I was frantic for about a week because I did not hear from her in that time. Then, last week she called me up and said that we had to meet. I staled for a little while and then told her we would meet on Tuesday. At the meeting she asked what I was doing on the weekend, I told her if I spent all week hitting the books I would probably be very free. She asked if I knew the Nigerian representative of one of those Multinational companies (Diary, I love you, but just in case, I will name no names: *) and I told her I had heard about it. She goes, “Well, you will spend the weekend with him!” “Are you asking me or telling me?” I asked. “I guess it is a little of both”, she replied with a small smile. I shrugged and we started talking logistics and other random stuff till we fell asleep.

Come Friday evening, there was a knock on my door and my roommate went to unlock it, I looked up when I heard her gasp and almost laughed when I saw the stricken expression on her face. She looked like she had fallen in love with 3 men at the same time.  “T, wetin? You look rather lost?”

She swallowed and then said, “Err, g-good evening sir.” I heard a voice asking for me and she pointed distractedly into the room. The man that walked into the room was like a mirage! I blinked! Then I blinked again. He was tall and wiry he wasn’t a mountain of muscles but he was so in shape and his facial beauty is still beyond my powers of description. All I know is this, I tend to avoid him cause he is the only man that robs me of all sense of control. “M?” he asked when he saw me. I nodded and felt my panties get wet as he took a leisurely look at my body; “Are you ready?” his voice is silk floating away on a river happily roaring away.

Ha! Look at me being poetic. I nodded my head and pointed to my little overnight bag, which he immediately picked up. I hugged T and told her I would be back for Sunday without fail. She whispered, “Have a blast! That is one hell of a fine man!” I winked at her and strode out the room.

On a side note, I am so lucky I don’t have a ‘holier-than-thou’ roommate. She is totally understanding and very discreet. She does not lecture me and she pretty much minds her business. We are almost the best of friends. She told me upfront that she was not in support of my lifestyle but that she understands that everybody has his or her choices to make. As long as I don’t try to get her to be me she is fine. She does try once in a while to get me to go to church with her. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I have tried once or twice to hook her up with one of my more conservative men. Also, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. T is all that though.

All the way to the guest house, my chauffer was silent, I did hear him on the phone once saying, “Yes sir, she is even lovelier than the portfolio we received.” And I smiled. Once we got to the guesthouse he led me to my suite and said, “Mr. — will be with you soon. In the meantime I am at your service. You need any thing, just call out.” “Ok,” I said as he walked away. Immediately he left, I went locked the door and ran to the shower with Riptide. I needed to release after being so cooped up with that man for so long. I turned on the shower and imagined that the warm water running over my body were his fingers exploring. I ran a soapy hand over my breasts, pulling and pinching at my nipples to get them hard. Then I ran a hand down my body and without preamble delved two fingers into my dripping pussy and used a thumb to flick my clit. After a few moments, I turned off the shower and turned Riptide on. Sliding down in the bathtub, I slid Rip in slowly, making sure I got most of his twelve inches in before I stopped, letting it vibrate against my clitoris for a while. I was soon cumming violently! After the waves of pleasure receded, I began to move him in and out, fucking myself gently at first, then increasing the pace till my arm hurt, but I wasn’t going to stop until I had reached a point where I had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. I needed this, because only after I was fully sated could I have complete control after the man I was going to be fucking all weekend.

When I was done, I had a thorough shower and selecting my underwear carefully, dressed up and then settled in to make my self as beautiful as possible while retaining a natural look. When I was done, I realized I hadn’t said a word to you in a while. And here I am waiting and getting you all caught up. Fingers crossed that I get that power rush that I need this weekend! I’ll tell you all about it, I promise.


Later Days!!!!



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