Confessions Of A Call Girl: Journal Entry 3

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Hmmm, I know, know, I ought to be shot, I’m not keeping up at all, but I do have a life you know? I have school; men and paying customers to occupy my time so writing in you, journal of mine, is a bit erratic but I did promise you a story. So, where did I stop?

Ahh, yes, the infamous Miss! I remember whipping out Riptide and telling her to open her mouth. I pushed the large dildo into her mouth and told her, “ Make believe it’s real!” and was instantly gratified to see her suck like her life depended on it. She looked so hot that I almost wasn’t sure that I could go on. Then I realized what she was doing, she was trying to win my control game, and a small smile crossed my face as I leaned into her with plans to divest her of the pink tank top she was wearing. She moaned a bit as the back of my fingers brushed over her breasts. There was a low whistle behind me and I turned slightly to see that one of the patrons of the bar was paying attention to our little tryst, he winked at me and I smiled at him before turning my attention back to Miss. Her breasts above her bra looked smooth and silky and I paused to kiss the soft mounds before reaching for the clasp between her breasts.

Her breasts fell out revealing large aureoles and beautiful long nipples, I kissed one nipple and felt it harden against my lips so I licked it and heard a pop as Miss took Riptide out of her mouth and gave a loud moan. I saw her hand drop to her lap and creep between her legs and I smiled as I sucked the nipple in. “You aren’t sucking”, I said and all I got in reply was a moan, I grinned and switched my attentions to her other breast while fondling the other, her head drooped onto my shoulder and I heard her gasp, “Please! Now!” I smiled and proceeded to torture her some more, using my mouth and hands to mould her body to my will. I was so turned on that I did not realize at first that the hands making its way over my body did not belong to Miss.

I vaguely remember the man who I smiled at running his hands over my butt as I picked Riptide and pushed it into her sopping wet pussy. Her groan was intense as the wide dildo pushed itself into her rather small hole. She spread her legs wider and another inch of Riptide disappeared into her warm body, she moaned just as the man’s hands found their way beneath my dress, I was dripping wet and he didn’t take long to find my clitoris which he proceeded to rub through my underpants. “Take it off!” I demanded and he snatched the panties down with his free hand while he slipped two fingers into me. I started pumping Riptide in and out of Miss at the same pace as this man was pumping his fingers in and out of me. Miss was moaning so loud that some other patrons of the bar had walked over to see what was going on.

I saw men pull out their dicks and start jacking off and one part of my mind was like Unbelievable, this is like something out of a porno flick! This doesn’t happen in real life. Another part of my brain was pretty cavalier about it. The cliché is that fact is weirder than fiction. I’M making this happen. ME! Not some porn star, these men have their cocks in their hands because of something that I did!  I climaxed with that thought.

After the throes of this first orgasm, I devoted my energies to making Miss cum as violently as I could. I bent over and sucked on her clit as I pushed Rip in and out of her, I pumped so hard that only about 3 inches of his 12 was not swallowed up by her cunt, Riptide has never been so slippery as he was right now. Miss was screaming in abandoned… something… see, I couldn’t tell whether it was pleasure or pain, I really didn’t care. I fucked this chick until she came, and when she did, boy did she come. Her pussy spat out fluid, spraying my face with the evidence of her climax, I kept my mouth on her clit for a while, enjoying the vibrations that were coursing through her body.

The muffled quality of her screams caused me to look up and I was a bit confused when I saw that her mouth had been stuffed with a dick and she was sucking on it like it was a lifeline. Her orgasm had her vibrating on his cock and I knew from the look in his eyes that it wouldn’t be long before he came. I barely had time to register the new development when I felt the skirt of my dress being lifted; a rough hand ran over my pussy and, upon finding it wet, was quickly replaced by a thin, long dick. Hands held my waist and, pushing me forward, the stranger behind me started pulling in and out of me in an almost comical, albeit frenzied manner. I felt a hand grip my left hand and guide it to a short, skinny dick. I closed my hand around it and started giving him a hand job. I noticed that Riptide had been replaced by a man who, based on the look on Miss’ face was not doing as great a job as I had done, but she was taking it like a man and giving as good as she got.

I could go on and on describing that very bizarre night. I could talk about the women that joined in and I could speculate about the fact that no one objected or tried to stop the decadence that occurred that night. All I know is that it happened and I don’t know how many men I fucked that night. I know that after a while an idea crept into my head and I whispered to Miss that she should try charging everyone she had seen sticking their dick in me. I know that after that wild night we made over 50 thousand naira. And I know that Miss was eager to get into a partnership with me, but on my terms, not hers. That was a first, but then again, great pussy controls everything.

I really have to go now.

Later Days.



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  1. Please when will Nobs start writing Memoirs of a sluush kid again,I’m tired of reading all these crappy n useless articles.

  2. chai!!… 826 visits!, and just 5 comments?? peeps be acting like dey dont like pussy talk! abi??

    me i wuz ere o!!…..

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