Confessions Of A Call Girl – Journal Entry 2

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Oh Snap! I know, I know! I promised I would write every day but dairy, if you know me as well as I think you do; then you will know that I am doing all I can. Okay, where did I stop? Ah yes!!! Miss! THE Miss! I am of the opinion that she is called Miss because of the air of mystery that surrounds her. Tall, very slim, with the skin color of clear honey. Miss oozes sexuality.

When she walks, man or woman, you are forced to think of smoky rooms with the pleasurable smell of new sex, of bodies moving with animal abandon; bodies slick with sweat and wild guttural moans exuding from mouths that are turned up in exquisite pleasure. When Miss smiles at you, you feel a response in your pelvis. But when she talks! Dairy, I wish you had ears, her voice is reminiscent of a softly sighing breeze with the force of a proud oak tree hidden in its midst. Soft, slightly husky, breathy, she always sounds slightly out of breath, infinitely sexy.

I found Miss last month, I spent 2 years searching for her on campus, and she is the best-kept open secret in this University. After my first experience with Ray, I discovered that I was insatiable; I never wanted to talk or hang out with him, I just wanted to fuck him. Plain as that. I was always looking for new ways to turn him on. To me, the secret of sex is the secret of control, if you can pleasure a man in ways that no other person can then you have him just where you want him.

Thing is, I got bored with Ray after about two months I started stepping out on him. I can lay with 3 guys in a day. I would love to describe some of these escapades but I will digress and probably have to rush off to class without discussing Miss again. Mind you, knowing the parents I have, I have never missed a lecture and I have been doing really well in school. Dude, it is all about balancing your time. But really, I digress.

Miss is…a venture capitalist if you will. She finds talent on campus and sets them up in a “business” of their own, all she asks is a percentage from each person. There is no campus-based business that she does not have a finger in, allegedly. From Photography studios to photocopy shops, they all have ‘Miss’ fingerprints on them. She had legitimate businesses and also some less legal franchises; it has been said that whatever you can do or like to do, Miss can help you turn a profit. I had been listening to the legends of Miss since my first year and once I discovered I was gifted in bed, I made up my mind that I ought to make a little something from it.

Ha! I can hear you thinking that the parents have not been supplying me with enough funds, but they are quite generous, they supply me with enough to get by and recently got me a car. But, hey, a girl could always use a little more money. It is simple really, I love having sex! I heard there is a name for it; nymphomania or something like that. But I heard that Miss knows how to turn a profit from it two years ago and ever since then I have been trying to find her. I almost gave her up as a myth until about 3 weeks ago, she was pointed out to me by my friend S and I felt a jolt of electricity run down my back, get your mind out the gutter. Diary, I was not turned on. I was just excited!

Well, the next thing I had to do was get an audience with her and as difficult as it was, I had a plan! Miss likes to be wowed! She has been known to say that talent isn’t everything, you might be good at something; but your ability to sell your talent to her determines your profitability. Miss doesn’t run at a loss. I needed a plan and I had one. The day that S pointed Miss out to me, she had been talking to Ray. Yes, my ex boyfriend Ray. See, even though I was tired of Ray and I had told him as much, Ray proved my theory that good sex can control anyone. Time and time again, when I need a familiar fuck all I have to do is text Ray and he would leave whatever he was doing to come meet me. If he was pals enough with Miss to be going for a casual stroll, then he could get me a hearing. Miss wanted to be wowed; I’d blow her away!

A week after I saw Miss for the first time, I walked into one of the most secluded and exclusive bars on campus dressed in a baby doll dress that was sexy without being slutty, and I sat down across from Miss. She looked at me and said, “Ray says you are a gold mine! I say “bullocks”. She reached out her slim hands, picked up the Virginia Slims on the table before her shook one out and placed it in the corner of her beautiful mouth. “Prove me wrong!” she commanded. I smiled at her crookedly, that electricity bolt was back and this time, I am proud to say, I was aroused. She was a beautiful piece of art, one that I didn’t own yet, and, male or female I wanted to tame her. I wanted to hear her moan my name, I wanted her to, in the afterglow of a hard fucking; be unable to say anything but yes to me. She was a challenge and I love challenges.

“You don’t even know what I want.” I said.

“I don’t care! Surprise me.”

“You might regret those words!”

She laughed, a throaty sound that sent the joy juices flowing out of me. Encouraged, I stood up, pulling my huge purse unto the table. A questioning look crossed her eyes as I began to pull out my babies; a 12 inch deep black dildo that I had christened Riptide, a pink Rabbit and a strap on dildo complete with a clit tickler.

“Have you gone mad?” she whispered, with wonder in her eyes.

“You said I should impress you.” I said strutting slowly around the table toward her, “I plan to. Now shut up and let me work.” By this time I had gotten round to her, I saw the look of amusement in her eyes as she said to me; “I’ve seen enough, I’m not a lesbian. We can’t work together.”

Kneeling at her feet, I gently pulled her legs apart and murmured, “I did say shut up, didn’t I?”

I was staring at blue lace panties underneath a grey A-line skirt. I knew that if I tried to kiss her first, I would lose my chance, I had only one shot and I had to make it count. If there is one thing I have learned in the last couple of years, it is that a woman’s clitoris has a mind of its own. I reached my hand under her skirt and traced the lace trimming softly. I did not even look at her; I was focused on the goal ahead. I let my hand slip over her pussy lips as I was working out in my head how to go about my plan.

I remembered an article I had read a few months ago about how a woman’s clit does not start and end with the little knob at the edge of the pussy, but actually consisted of the whole mound that leads to the knob. So I allowed my hand to find its way up and caress the hairless pubic area. I realized that I had hit the jackpot when I felt a faint tremor pass through her. Using, my left hand I gently massaged her through the lace of her panties, loving the feel, while, with my left hand. I began slipping the panties down. As her underwear slipped down her knees, I kissed the soft flesh behind her knees and kissed my way upward. My right hand moved down to her twat and I smiled in gratification when I felt how thoroughly wet she was. I took a break from kissing as I stuck my index finger in my mouth and then inserted it into her. I gasped along with her as I felt her close around that little finger. That girl can work her pussy! I pushed up her skirt and let my tongue lose on her knob as my finger went in and out of her. She was moaning before long. Now, you must recall that we were in a bar, as exclusive as it was there were other patrons in there but I didn’t care; I came to sell my talent to Miss and I figured I might as well let everyone know.

Slipping in another finger, I sucked on her clitoris and started sliding my fingers in and out of her. She was starting to squirm and I heard her whisper, “stop”, even as her hands came up to the back of my head, pushing me to suck harder. Pretty soon she was moving her hips in sequence with my pumping fingers, fucking my fingers hard. She pulled my head up and pressed her lips against mine, forcing her tongue down my throat. She tasted like strawberries and cigarettes and I loved it!!!

When I took my fingers out of her sopping wet pussy, she moaned in despair, “Don’t you dare stop now!!!”

“You don’t want me to stop?” I asked

“No I don’t”.

“You realize that we will have an audience?’

“Come on, you bitch.” She snarled, “You have proved that you have a gift with bodies, we can work together, now finish what you started and let us give these bastards a show they will be talking about for years.”

“Miss, you and I speak the exact same language”.

I felt her hands creep up my legs and under the skirt of my dress and I heard her intake of breath as she realized my naughty secret, I wasn’t wearing any underwear and I was dripping, my joy juices were already dripping down my legs. Her fingers found my pussy and she dove in without preamble, I let out a gasp, as my knees grew weak. Collapsing onto a chair, I let her have her way for a short while before I slapped her fingers away and pushed her back into her chair. “Take off that skirt”, I demanded and felt a surge of power as the domineering Miss did as I asked meekly and without question. “Spread your legs, I want to see what I just ate.” Again she obeyed quietly and I stood back, looking at her wet cunt, basking in power as I looked at the powerful woman I had tamed with two fingers and my tongue. “Do you want me to continue?” She whimpered softly. “Use your words” “Miss, do you want me to continue?” “Yes”, she breathed softly, “please, yes.” I picked Riptide up and said to Miss, “I call him Riptide, 12 inches long, 2 inches wide. Now, open your mouth, I want him wet when he tears you up.”

Ah! Snap. I have to go. Just when I am getting to the good part. Dairy, I promise, I will give you a blow-by-blow account of that day. Including how I turned that whole evening into one long orgy, and got paid for it too.

Later Days!!



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