Afrocandy Posts Nude pictures from her upcoming Movie.. (R18 pics)

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She wrote this on her facebook page:

“It takes a lot of guts to get naked in front of the Camera. In couple of my concluded up-coming Movies, there’s a lot of nudity in them. I also have Scripts lined up for production and there will also be nudity in most of them. So if you are an aspiring Actor/Actress, you have the passion and you will like to get naked, send in your info/contacts for casting and I look forward to meeting and working with you.”

Pictures From : Afrocandy’s Facebook Page



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  1. I like your guit, keep the gud job,& the sky will be the starting point. Many of Nigerians are hypocrites. They will say NO whereas they want to say YES

  2. Wow! Nice one, we re heading to international standard. Nice work pls keep it up. In case of other roles u can hola at boy so we can posses the industry before Gollywood over throws Nollywood with their soft porn. Cheers

  3. We black are God fearing candidate we don’t ave to destroy God’s temple for worthly things,what shall it profit a black candidate dat nake her self just to please her fans, we don’t need that from you dear, anyway u just make urself popular like me I don’t knw u. Before I now know u,

  4. candy there are actors eveywhere for ur good work, why are u searching for them. Your brothers and sisters, even ur old man and mon know how to do it. Start somewhere, from ur home pls dear, then others will begin to gain from ur good work in naija. Think think think.

  5. This is the most rubbish production. A slap to Nigeria movie industry ! This is porn and not a movie for our society please !

  6. Candy,it’s a pity that you never honour GOD,BCOS YOUR BODY is the TEMPLE of GOD & any body that misused it the owner (GOD)Will destroy.repent & surrender ur life to Christ & the evil spirit that is influencing you will be driven away from you.

    1. WELL shes certainly stupid enough to think dat getting naked makes d movie wat it is for one thing wen u see a sex scene in a Hollywood movie its not like porn but this is porn but to sell it its being made into a movie nd GOD SHES FUCKING UGLY FAT ND UNSEXY

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