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If there is another word for Failure then I think it should be “THINKING INSIDE THE BOX”.  Thinking Inside The Box means accepting the current or existing state of situations which I believe is the beginning of failing in life.  In-the-box thinkers just take any idea that comes their way.  They don’t have the ability to turn an idea into a Great idea. They never want to take risks and they kill other people’s idea by telling you it can never work because they are just so satisfied with the normal state of things and they don’t open their inner mind to see the greater things out there.  They are not creative and prefer others to do things for them.

To avoid this failure then you have to start THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX which means tackling problems in new, innovative ways, thinking of new ideas to make a way for yourself where there is no way. The holy book said ‘Work and Pray’ which by my own interpretation doesn’t mean you must do the normal societal norms of doing a 8-5pm job and getting paid less than what you deserve. Its better you think outside the box, check your environment and think of what you can do to make yourself different from others and be self-made instead of working your ass out and wasting your ideas under someone’s establishment. If you are not born with a silver spoon or you lost your spoon like I did *smiles* then you just have to get out of your box and think deeply of an innovative idea to be self-made on your own.

Why will you just limit yourself to one place, one idea of doing things and accept the present state as it is while inventions are being created everyday? Personally, I don’t think you have to finish at the world’s best university, be in the best environment or have wealthy parents who provides all your needs before you can think of how to get out of the box.

Microsoft and Facebook founders didn’t finish schooling because they didn’t want to limit themselves to the four corners of  school alone, they had ideas and went ahead to implement them – when you are successful people won’t care about your qualifications. If everybody got sealed inside the box then there can never be any inventions.

Education surely is the best legacy but it might be the worst nightmare if you limit yourself to just books alone and am sure you can’t survive in some situations by just being a book-head. You need to have the street mentality in you, have your brain working 24/7 on how to do something that will change your present status so people can remember you after you are gone.  Let me share with you some of the many things you have to do after deciding to start thinking outside the box.

Believe in yourself: You have to learn to believe in yourself before anyone can believe in you – discover your potentials and never say never.

In-box-thinker friends: Everyone has this kind of people as friends and the more you move with them the more you lose focus and kill your dream.  A friend that doesn’t have anything to offer you other than to drink, smoke or talk about ladies all the time should be dropped before it’s too late. You have to move with people who are idealistic and ambitious.

Learn new things everyday: A good day can never be complete if you don’t learn things.  If I can’t get on my laptop daily to read news online and know whats going on around the world then I have to read the tabloids. Many people are so obsessed with facebooking, tweeting to friends and using the BBM, your blackberry or iphones can also be used as tools to learn new things – subscribe to receive daily news about things happening around the world and don’t just be a dumbass *smiles*.  Learning new things helps a lot in thinking outside the box.

Enough of my thinking out loud, need to chill out with some Alchi Alchi Alcohol *in Flavour nabania’s vyc * with my peepz, watch this page for more of my #thoughts.

People say am the TLC(tender,loving,caring) guy, idealistic, ambitious and can bring out the best with just a dollar and a dream. I don’t believe in judging the book by its cover so you have to get closer to me to know the real me.



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