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I ventured to the Palms, Lekki to see if I could spot some really trendy people, and of course I did! As it turns out…not a lot of these trendy people like to have their pictures taken, I even had someone tell me his eyes where sensitive to  flash; I almost lent him my sunglasses. Ah well, the show most go on. Here’s what I got…

So I randomly walked up to this woman pushing her cart of groceries, I think what really attracted me to her was the mustard yellow top and her serene nature. Only to find out she was the designer for Sunny Rose! The way the accents of mustard yellow in her Ankara pants complemented her blouse did it for me. The flip-flops were an absolute perfect choice. I’d say Maureen’s style is the true definition of casual chic.

Ankara is still very in! And this young man has shown it to us in his own special way, with red sequinned embellishment on the pocket. The lining of his tote makes the otherwise subdued blue in his pants pop. His patent leather Vivienne Westwood’s loafers give his laid back look somewhat of a dressy feel. I like…a lot.

L-R: Uyi, Roselyn, Somto, Cynthia.

My favourite thing about this picture are the statement bags…the girls look simple and casual but played their outfits up with statement handbags.


As simple as he looks, you could tell he’s daring because not a lot of people would try wearing a shirt with a neckline cut that low! The matching watch gives his otherwise African look an urban vibe and the murse (man purse) sealed the deal.

L-R: Kofo, Barayonce, Bukky.

I like how these girl’s outfits complement one another, they actually all look good together.  Colour blocking is still in season and the blends of pastel hues make them look fun, happy and approachable.

L-R: Nnoma, Jordana, Teni, Tomilade, Jasmine.

Had to waylay these youngings and take a picture of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this clique of friends are the IT girls at school, each with their own unique yet similar sense of style. The ones that didn’t wear a form of denim opted for a sun dress. Young, urban, chic, cool.

Wonder where I’ll be venturing next…stay tuned.

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  1. Well, I’d say dz iz gr8…. It showz d@ dere’z ah lot 2 carve wt ankara. Hope d entire streetz embrace dz crazy style n mak 9ja luk mor cultural dan eva….

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