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Get ready as MNet rolls out the drums, as they get set to unveil new and  re-branded Africa Magic channels (Africa Magic, Africa Magic Entertainment, Africa Magic Movies, Africa Magic Movies 1, and Africa Magic World) from today, the 16th of April.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is AfricaMagic?

Launched in 2003, AfricaMagic was initially one general entertainment television channel dedicated to content made in Africa by Africans for Africans. In just under a decade, that pioneering first channel has grown and evolved into a series of AfricaMagic branded channels transforming AfricaMagic from a single TV channel into a multi-channel brand.

2.      Why has M-Net decided to expand the AfricaMagic brand?

M-Net based its decision to further invest in, develop and expand the AfricaMagic brand as a direct result of the extremely positive reaction that these channels have already drawn from African consumers who continue to request increased African programming as part of their entertainment line-up.

3.      What does this expansion entail?

The expanded line-up of AfricaMagic channels will become the ultimate home for the vast majority of M-Net’s African original productions. This is to ensure that audiences get the best possible selection of African programming available under one brand.  In order to do this M-Net has revised the AfricaMagic channels to cater to these changes.

4.      What are the revised AfricaMagic channels?

  • AfricaMagic World (channel 112): A channel created to introduce new AfricaMagic viewers to a variety of African programming! Formerly the MagicWorld channel, this general entertainment channel offers a wide range of African programming to audiences including re-screenings of series and movies that they may not have had the opportunity to view previously.
  • AFRICAMAGIC (channel 114):  A ‘family friendly’ African entertainment channel with programming that can be watched and enjoyed by everyone in your home!  AfricaMagic will feature family focused movies, series, sitcoms and documentaries that you can watch with your parents or your children. This will ensure that no-one in your home will miss out on great African entertainment!
  • AfricaMagic Movies (channel 115):   A channel for movie audiences who want to celebrate the vibrant legacies and traditions of Africa! From African heritage to village life, this 24-hour dedicated movie channel tells stories that relate to Africa’s rich history and cultural legacy from traditional practices to rural society. Look out for familiar faces from Nollywood and established African film icons. (Was previously AfricaMagic Plus)
  • AfricaMagic Entertainment (channel 128):   A brand-new, stylish African entertainment channel for the bold viewer who wants to watch the best African TV programming available! This 24-hour channel is dedicated to glossy soaps, glam drama series, glitzy lifestyle shows, great comedy, grade-A movies, gorgeous talk-show queens and gripping reality TV…all made in Africa for Africa! The channel is home to some of Africa’s biggest and most popular productions including Tinsel, Jacob’s Cross, Big Brother Africa, Changes, Mashariki Mix, 53 Extra, Jara, Moments with Mo, The Patricia Show and Comedy Club.
  • AfricaMagic Movies 1 (channel 145): A channel for the movie fan who wants to see Africa’s hottest stars in the latest contemporary African movies! Africa’s bustling and growing cities provide the busy urban backdrop for the dynamic stories of modern life and love showcased on this 24-hour dedicated movie channel. From dramas to comedies, from action to romance, it’s non-stop African movie entertainment
  • In addition to its five English language AfricaMagic channels, AfricaMagic Hausa, Swahili and Yoruba will continue to be screened in the different regions as it is currently.

5.      On which DStv bouquets can I watch which AfricaMagic channels?

  • AfricaMagic World: Available to all DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium packages (channel 112). Also available on GOtv in relevant regions (please delete the last sentence if GOtv is not available in your market currently).
  • AFRICAMAGIC:  Available on DStv Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium (channel 114).
  • AfricaMagic Movies:   Available on DStv Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium packages (channel 115, formerly AfricaMagic Plus). Also available on GOtv in relevant regions (please delete the last sentence if GOtv is not available in your market currently).
  • AfricaMagic Entertainment:   Available on DStv Premium (channel 128).
  • AfricaMagic Movies 1: Available on DStv Compact, Compact Plus and Premium (channel 145).


6.      On what date will M-Net launch the revised AfricaMagic channels?

The revised and expanded range of AfricaMagic channels will launch on DStv on Monday 16 April 2012.


7.      I used to watch Tinsel, Jacob’s Cross, 53 Extra, Mashariki Mix, Moments with Mo, Changes, Comedy Club and Big Brother Africa on M-Net East/West? Where do I find those programs now?

  • TINSEL: Until April 15, Tinsel will be screened on M-Net every Monday to Friday at 21:30 CAT (M-Net West) and 19:00 CAT (M-Net East). From April 16, the program will be screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment (DStv channel 128) every Monday to Friday at 21:30 CAT.
  • JACOB’S CROSS: Until April 15, Jacob’s Cross will be screened on Mondays at 22:30 CAT (M-Net West) and 20:00 CAT (M-Net East). From April 16, Jacob’s Cross will be screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment on Mondays at 22:30 CAT.
  • 53 EXTRA: Until April 15, 53 Extra will be screened on Monday at 21:00 CAT (M-Net West) and 19:30 CAT (M-Net East). From April 16, 53 Extra will be screened on Mondays at 21:00 CAT on AfricaMagic Entertainment.
  • MASHARIKI MIX: Until April 15, Mashariki Mix will be screened on Thursdays at 18:30 CAT (M-Net East) and on Fridays at 20:00 CAT (M-Net West). From April 16, Mashariki Mix will be screened on Tuesdays on AfricaMagic Entertainment at 21:00 CAT.
  • MOMENTS WITH MO: From May, fans can catch the new season of Moments with Mo on AfricaMagic Entertainment on Thursdays and Fridays at 18:00 CAT.
  • CHANGES: Season 3 of Changes was previously screened on M-Net East and M-Net West. If you missed this must-watch African series, it will be re-screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment on Monday to Friday at 20:30 CAT from April 16.
  • COMEDY CLUB: Comedy Club (Live in Lagos and Kampala) was previously screened on M-Net East and M-Net West. The hilarious series will be re-screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment on Fridays (starting in May) at 22:30 CAT. Look out for alternating episodes from Lagos and Kampala, and check out the East/West comedy talent.
  • BIG BROTHER STARGAME: From May 6, the Monday nomination shows, the daily highlights shows, the weekly highlight package and the Sunday eviction show will now be screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment. In addition, fans can also watch these shows on the AfricaMagic channel (channel 114) will screen them an hour after they’ve been screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment (channel 128). Meanwhile the weekly highlights package show and the Sunday eviction show will also be screened on AfricaMagic World, a day later.


8.      I used to watch JARA on AfricaMagic (channel 114). Where can I watch JARA now?

JARA now premieres on AfricaMagic Entertainment (channel 128) on Wednesdays at 21:00 CAT with a re-screening on AfricaMagic (channel 114) on Saturdays at 20:00 CAT.


9. I want more information on the AfricaMagic range of channels, is there a website I can visit?

Yes, from April 16 this year, you can log on to www.africamagic.tv or else you can link in to the AfricaMagic website via www.dstv.com or www.mnetafrica.com

10. I used to watch AfricaMagic Plus on channel 115 and I received movies, series, documentaries and other program genres on one channel. With 115 now becoming a dedicated movie channel, where can I watch African series, documentary and lifestyle programming?
You can watch African series, documentary and lifestyle programming on either AfricaMagic World (112), AfricaMagic (channel 114) or AfricaMagic Entertainment (channel 128).
11.  What are some of the highlight shows that viewers can tune in to on the revised line-up of AfricaMagic channels?

Shows that audiences can tune in for including the soap opera The Wild, will which debut on AfricaMagic Entertainment from April 16 running Mondays to Fridays at 19:00 CAT.  Other programming to look out for includes:

On AfricaMagic Entertainment:

  • Adam’s Apples on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 22:30 CAT, starting from 17 April 2012
  • Inkaba from Mondays to Thursdays at 21:00 CAT, starting the 16April 2012
  • Noose of Gold  from Monday to Friday at 19:30 CAT, starting on 16 April 2012
  • No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency every Thursday at 22:30 CAT

12.  I am very excited to hear about the revised and expanded line-up of AfricaMagic channels and as an African film producer, I want to submit my programming for screening on AfricaMagic. How can I do this?

AfricaMagic is very enthusiastic about receiving African television content and advises that all producers and filmmakers who wish to submit their work can do so by either emailing Juniper Musa (Juniper.Musa@multichoice.co.za), Victoria Letsaolo (Victoria.Letsoalo@mnet.co.za) or Anthea Sampson (ASampson@multichoice.co.za)at M-Net. Please note that all producers whose work is screened on any AfricaMagic channel will be required to sign a contract prior to their program being screened on these channels.



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