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As a man it is healthy to try new things; spontaneity in relationships, risky games with the goons, logical profitable risks work so why not take risks in fashion as well?  I know that as Nigerian men it is already an inborn thing to tag certain things as “for female only” but here’s a beginning to open minds *Raises glass*.

It’s been long since we’ve been seeing the Hawaiian shirts with bold and colorful prints that people wear to beaches with shorts  but the prints have come as a new redefined 2012 trend for men. Floral prints are back with style and certain designers have given it a classy modification using moderately sized prints, with comfortable hues of subtle colors.

The good in the floral trend is that it’s not limited to shirts and shorts/trousers alone; accessories can also be floral. For example bow ties, pocket squares, scarves and shoes (yes shoes!!) come in wonderful floral prints,so if you are not one to make the floral print the center of attraction on your outfit, you might just chip it in a little with a small piece accessory to give your outfit a fun, fresh, trendy/stylish look.

4 Ways you can wear FLORAL PRINTS successfully. 

1. It should never be too much; if you were to wear floral prints, do not wear floral on floral on floral. It should never be floral shirt, on floral blazer, on floral trousers. Keep it simple!

2. Stick to prints on light coloured backgrounds such as cream,white, light blue as they are easier on the eyes or dark backgrounds and if you prefer brighter colours the background should be the BRIGHT and BOLD colour;

3. Keep the floral prints moderate, not too bold prints (and if using bold prints, not too colourful like you’ve just popped out of an 80s mish-mash – never a good look).

4. If you would like to wear bold and colorful prints, tone it down with a neutral or dark pieces. For example if you were to wear a very colorful floral polo, you can tone it down with navy blue cropped trousers. You can also pick on the most dominant colour on your TOP as the your colour of choice for trousers. 

I will naturally post pictures showing the runway pictures of the designer floral trend for various fashion weeks but I will not because the pictures are not what you will be interested in; given that most of them are very risky and you wouldn’t be willing to try them and then you’ll conclude that I’m trying to fit you into female style outfits. So, instead,I have created a look book of floral printed items which you can use as a guide on your next shopping trip.

The 360Men’s floral print look book

Floral Prints for Men: Shirts worn in different ways, with cropped trousers or denim style trousers and Khakis.
Floral Prints for Men: Long sleeved shirts with varied patterns - small, sparse, bold, vintage - its an individual preference at the end of it all. MrPorter.com, Topman, Paul Smith, Marni, ASOS are the shops to visit.
Floral Prints for Men: This is from ASOS
Floral Prints for Men: This is a different take on the Floral Print with double cuffs from scarycanaryclothing.co.uk
Floral Prints for Men: Here is another take on the trend.
Floral Prints for Men: Short sleeved shirts from ASOS, Ted Baker and Topman
Floral Prints for Men: T Shirts from ASOS. Either as polo Tshirts or regular Tshirts - plenty styles to choose from. Funfere from our first 360Style Diary showed how well to wear Floral Printed Polos.
Floral Prints for Men: Mixing your Prints - Risque but if you know what you are doing you'll pull it off.
Floral Prints for Men: Mixing your Prints - Check and Floral.
Floral Prints for Men: More polo t-shirts and accessories in form of Ties, Scarves and Pocket squares.
Floral Prints for Men: Can't afford investing into shirts and Tshirts - not a problem. Look to accessories as a way to subtly introduce FLORAL into your outfits - Socks, Ties, Pocket Squares, Bow Ties. You can find these at some of these stores - Ted Baker, Mr Porter, ASOS, Ovadia and Sons, Drakes,. These are especially nice for weddings.
Floral Prints for Men: Go to the beach in great style with shorts emblazoned with Floral print. Floral Prints for Men: Shoes for good measure. Vans and Doc Martens for bottom 2 and ASOS for the slip ons.


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