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Our 360Fashion STYLE DIARY this week would feature ROSEANNE ORIM.  She is a student at University of Warwick, UK who is in love with fashion!  Her style is a mixture of everything; she usually doesn’t stick too much to fashion trends because of her love for experimenting with different styles and trying new things. She is not one to plan outfits, she says ”I just wake up and throw on whatever I deem perfect for my mood”. She believes she tends to lean towards more androgynous style these days, also experimenting with vintage style from the 50′s; like the cinched waists, voluminous skirts and cat eye sunglasses.  She is quite the fashion risk taker!

Roseanne’s 360Fashion Style Diary: Day 2Check out Day 1 of Roseanne’s 360Fashion Style Diary here

I wearing this beautiful print peplum top I got back in Nigeria from an Abuja based tailor, Dzyn Couture. I absolutely love the volumnous dipped peplum and I have accentuated the volume by using an old beaded belt I got from Forever 21 which also cinched my waistline even more.

The beaded bangle is from Dorothy Perkins as well as the ring  and the black H&M bangles help to tone it down a bit.

The tangerine slip ons I am wearing are from New Look and I got them as a birthday gift from my friend. I decided to wear them with this outfit to create a vibrant colour combination.

My Mango bag is large enough to contain my school stuff and versatile for any outfit and to top it off, I wore this mini casual skirt I got from H&M after throwing on some denier tights to retain some form of decency 🙂 

How do I look?  😀

Check out Day 1 of Roseanne’s 360Fashion Style Diary here.  If you would like to be a part of this or recommend someone then email tokunbo@360nobs.com 



Nerdy Fashionista, hopeless shopaholic, shamelessly vain and a firm believer in "ALWAYS" looking fabulous even through her hectic & frustrating role as a Bio. Engineer. Nurturing a secret crush on all fashionable Men, she wishes she'd have a Men's fashion line one day. Her glasses and confidence are her best accessories regardless of countless jewelry and cute shoes and bags. Be sure to trust fashion through her eyes! @toekunbore: don't be shy to say hi on twitter!


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