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This week, 360Fashion STYLE DIARY has featured fashion character by the name of OTHNIEL KOMOLAFE.

Othniel Komolafe is a young and creative all-rounder, who BOLDLY expresses himself  in all creative forms –  photography to music and dance, he always sends out  a WOW factor. This eclectic energy applies to his fashion sense as well!  He follows trends but always with his own PERSONAL style stamp and makes sure his outfits are constant conversation starters.  He says he is INSPIRED by KANYE WEST (now that should give you a clue as to how experimental Othniel is) and if you ask me he kinda gives swag a brand new meaning!  Get ready to enter into Othniel’s  EXPERIMENTAL FASHION WORLD all through this week  and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his daily interpretation.   

We’ve had a lot fashion fun with Othniel this week, from the casual to the most extreme, he has served us.  Bright colours and print in his most dapper look, proudly showing off his Rihanna Tee, following Old Skool Hip-Hop with self mutilated jeans, honouring Wizkid with a pair of Denim Harem pants, going Rockstar with his super skinny print trousers and partying like a white boy, he has worn it all.  You can follow his STYLE DIARY with links provided in each diary entry.

Othniel’s 360Fashion Style Diary: Day 7. Check out Day 6 of Othniel’s 360Fashion Style Diary here

Sunday equals resting day for me, so I tend to dress in a very laid back manner. I tend to look sublime and extremely casual compared to other days, since I basically visit friends or stay at home and rest my body for the new week ahead.

This Sunday, I’m wearing a brown and black pair of shorts with a casual blue short sleeved button-down shirt. The shorts are really unique since the black and brown sides are simultaneous to each other.

I even decided to show a little chest..hehehe.   The key to pulling it off is to expose only a logical amount of chest and to make sure no hair exists on there  -_-

The shoes are tasseled loafers, to look a bit classy and then the bandana is just a part of my personal silliness – LOL, but I look fly nonetheless…hehehehe.
The glasses give the look a bit of preppy flavour so it becomes an all round look depending on the way you look at it; a mix of casual and preppy.
I am really glad to have been featured in the 360nobs Style Diary, your style is what defines you, define it and discover those things that you are comfortable in. Never inconvenience yourself in order to look good, your style is unique to YOU!

Check out Day 6 of Othniel’s 360Fashion Style Diary here and here is the video he made for us to preview his amazing personal style for this whole week gone. This is saying a big thank you to OTHNIEL for sharing his PERSONAL STYLE with us and yourselves. We are sure to remember him. Stay clicked for more amazing personal styles from more interesting individuals.  It’s 360NoBS.com.

If you would like to be a part of this or recommend someone then email tokunbo@360nobs.com.  



Nerdy Fashionista, hopeless shopaholic, shamelessly vain and a firm believer in "ALWAYS" looking fabulous even through her hectic & frustrating role as a Bio. Engineer. Nurturing a secret crush on all fashionable Men, she wishes she'd have a Men's fashion line one day. Her glasses and confidence are her best accessories regardless of countless jewelry and cute shoes and bags. Be sure to trust fashion through her eyes! @toekunbore: don't be shy to say hi on twitter!

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