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HAUS OF HERCULES is a home grown fashion centered in making of exquisite & regal Hand made, Bespoke Shoes x Accessories: such as Bags:- travellers / Weekender’s, purses,Totes, back packs, gadget cases with Fabrics such as denim, tweed, Velvet , suede & all Batik patterned fabrics sourced between Nigeria & Ghana.

The brand officially made its Début at the Arise Magazine Fashion week 2011, collaborating and designing shoes for African designers and those in the Diaspora such as Wale Adeyemi, Amine Bendriouche & Bs , and Okunoren Twins.



Haus of Hercules has also successfully worked / collaborated in designing limited editions of a shoe collection for Alexander Amosu, whose a British born Nigerian – a luxury designer and also acclaimed British celebrity stylist Shia spooner.



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