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101 Dalmatians, was one of my favourite Disney cartoons growing up. I watched that cartoon so many times that all the reels in the VCR tape came off. Since this was such an all-time favourite of mine I couldn’t but admire the iconic villainess Cruella De Vil and her obsession with fur. Yeah yeah, given she was the bad guy who wanted to use the Dalmatians for fur, but hey!

She was a very fashion conscious woman, with her strictly monochrome dress sense and classic red lips.  Before I go on and on about a cartoon character, let me not get your minds boggled by my childish obsessions, what I’m really driving at is the ageless fashion trend of MONOCHROME.

White with its pristine purity and black with its chameleon characteristic is one thing I don’t think would ever go out of style…especially worn together.

Cruella de vil CARTOON with young dalmatians.

Cruella herself…my hero!

Glenn Close as Cruella de vil in 101 and 102 dalmatians movies.

Janelle Monae, our modern day BLACK and White queen.

Janelle Monae in the classic colours which has now become her trademark colour. She has also been able to successfully express different ways in which Monochrome can be worn either in a feminized way or an androgynous way. Either way, she rocks!
Janelle Monae in another Monochrome ensemble for Essence Magazine


A fresh modern take on Cruella's look in Russian Vogue.

Couture Cruella 😉

International runway representation of the colour trend.
Monochrome bridal dresses anyone? Or at least for a well deserved event of such an outfit.

Even at the recent Arise Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW 2012), a few designers worked their design and tailoring magic using the Monochromatic hues.  Here are some which stood out.  

AMFW 2012 from L-R (Toju Foyeh, Maki Oh and Odio Mimonet)
AMFW 2012 - Meena and Mai Atafo Inspired
Eku Edewor in Kezia Frederick @Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012

Of course a few stars in Hollywood have worn the colour combo to different award shows and one that stands out as most recent would be Viola Davis’ Raoul dress. Classic!

The Help star, Viola Davis in Raoul dress(loving the split down of two individual sides) at the Writer's Guild awards 2012.
One of the guests at The Republic of Play's annual Black & White Party as featured by 360EVENTS recently. Sexy Chic!

Its not just the ladies who can enjoy this classic Cruella colour, even Men could look edible in classic monochrome.  Here are some pictures.

Mai Atafo inspired, Buki Akib and John Kaveke displayed how guys can get into the trend as seen in pictures here at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012. Fashion colour trends aren’t just for women anymore especially in Africa.  Embrace the trends, guys!

AMFW 2012 - L-R (John Kaveke, Mai Atafo Inspired)
Buki Akib Backstage at AMFW 2012 (Pictures from Terrence Sambo and Fashion Phoenix)
Formal /Casual monochrome done by Tinne Tempah(UK based Nigerian rapper who won the prestigious GQ 'Most Stylish Man of the Year award 2012). A tricky look with the shoes but Tinne is one to pull such off with great panache.
One of the guests at The Republic of Play's annual Black & White Party as featured by 360EVENTS recently. A semi traditional way to wear the trend.

So, I dare you to dazzle me! Let loose your inner villain and tap into the early 1900’s…CRUELLA DE VIL IT! 😉




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