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Fashion connoisseurs are to be thanked for keeping fashion interesting; their job is to keep trends coming in and to keep spontaneity in the air as regards to fashion. New fashion items are introduced almost every season, while some already existing fashion items are redefined and rebranded. Well, recently the connoisseurs have concentrated on rebranding and redefining an already existing classic; “THE KNITTED TIE”.

Ties are an essential content of a man’s closet; they are worn to work, to weddings and on casual/random days when “preppy” seems to be the sense of style; they come in bow or neckties but I’m particularly drawn to neckties and what designers have made out of them this fashion season.

Usually, ties come in cotton or shiny silk materials, in either slim or regular style but these days I see a lot of knitted ties!  Ties that have been woven or knitted like sweaters with most of them ending with a square tip. Now am not just drawn to the Knitted Ties  in general, I am particularly fascinated by the different variations they now come in polka dots, stripes or check pattern, and wool as traditionally they come in just plain single coloured designs.

  • The knit material, colour and knitting style of the tie determines whether you’ll wear it to work; If the dress code at work is fairly strict, then you probably want to stick to plain knitted ties, otherwise, be as adventurous as you want to be.  

There are no other major rules to wearing knitted ties apart from the one above which is majorly for those who choose to wear it to their work place. The key to pulling it off as always is to pay attention to fit and combination with overall outfit. Knitted Ties are versatile enough to be worn casually and even as part of very formal outfits – e.g Weddings. If you want a break from the norm with traditional style of neckties, then the Knitted Tie is your jail free card.

Trey Songz styled for GQ Magazine March 2012 wearing a traditional striped knitted tie in a smart casual way.

Take advantage of this yet another attempt of combining formal and casual looks, who would have thought of a knitted tie years ago? Here are some great examples to look out for the next time you are tie shopping.  🙂


These knit ties could be worn to work (from theArmouryStore.com). 

Polka dot designed knit ties.
A close up look at another Polka Dot design. 
Lovely colours: And spot the beautiful striped one in the middle. 
The Hill-Side Selvedge Guatemalan Hand-Woven Tie – this is a more casual option.
The Hill-Side Selvedge Guatemalan Hand-Woven Tie – this is a more casual option.
The neat knit tie look – with large check cream blazer, and brown knit tie over a blue shirt and a floral print pocket square.
A variety of plain knitted ties at theArmouryStore.com. Which colour is yours? 
A  pointy tip knitted striped tie. 
A silk square tip green knit tie with wider knit holes.
Green sorley knit tie over a denim shirt with green, blue and beige checkered blazer  (it’s all about combination).
Example of how it is worn to the office.
Worn with a plain dusty pink linen blazer and  Navy Blue polka dot pocket square.
Another striped knit tie worn with much cooler colours of Grey and Blues.
Knitted Bow-Ties - stumbled on these from SteveandCo.com only. Aren't they beautiful?
More knitted bow-ties from SteveandCo.com only.

I advise that you begin to get some knitted ties now and join this fun trend. They are available in all traditional shirt and tie shops – TM Lewin, Hawes & Curtis, Charles Tyrwhitt, TwiceAsNice, The Armoury, Drakes, P Johnson, Mr. Porter, Berg&Berg, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Steve and Co as well as departmental stores like Nordstrom’s, House of Fraser, Selfridges and many more.

Any questions?? Feel free, the comment box is there!!