How to Build A Healthy Immune System

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Those of you who are health conscious are sure to read plenty of lifestyle blog posts like ours which give you advice on how to stay healthy and avoid getting the flu. The key to not catching illnesses is to have a strong and healthy immune system.

Your immune system tries to protect your body against infections. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body, but it’s the white blood cells which fight viruses and infections.

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle and washing your hands thoroughly are two of the key ways you can avoid getting ill. If you find that you are quite susceptible to colds and coughs, then this could be a result of having germs on your hands then preparing food.

It’s impossible to kill all germs but they tend to grow the most rapidly on things like computer keyboards and cellphones. So the next time you go to play at foxy bingo or send a text, be sure to clean your hands before and afterwards, and take the time once every fortnight to clean the buttons on your cellphone or computer keyboard. Bacteria grows here because it’s very difficult to clean between the keys.

Besides watching out for germs, other ways you can avoid catching illnesses are to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. We are recommended to eat at least five portions per day, so it might be time to try hitting that target if you don’t already. Things like superfoods are also a great source of vitamins and nutrients, all of which contribute towards a healthy immune system.

Some superfoods are known to reduce blood pressure and cut the risk of heart attacks substantially. Plus foods like oily fish, carrots and red peppers are thought to have cancer fighting abilities. It’s certainly worth incorporating these foods into your diet if you can.



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