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Hello to my 360nobs family. My article today is more of a thank you note, it’s been just over a year since I graced the online portal of Mr. Hob-nobs and I never really introduced myself, one morning I was here and you all got introduced to the madness that is N.O.T

Well from my long tiring articles you can tell, I more than say it like it is, I say what no one wants to say, but is meaning to say, in plain old Swahili I say the “gaddemn” truth (in my best Fela imitation).  I guess it’s because I just haven’t been smacked across the cheek enough times.

For those of you that read the mumbo- jumbo and still find time to acknowledge my garbage, you keep me going. You make me reach even deeper into my insanity and bring out more folly. I can’t thank you enough.

A big shout-out would go to my everyday Nigerian; sane, insane, enlightened, local, rich or poor alike. You never cease to amaze me; you always make me wonder if truly Nigerian blood flows in my veins. From the insanity exhibited daily, in the homes, on the roads, in offices even in political offices, makes me realize God really took time to create the series called Nigeria, must have had some help from Seth Macfarlane though.

To my inner 360fam, the high chiefs, Igwe, Oye and Tonia, I really wonder how you would let me off the streets and give me an audience on the worldwide web. Now you’ve set one more nutter on the loose. Kisses and hugs but only for Tonia. A handshake would suffice for you lads. #nohomo

To all you readers and browsers who take time out to look through 360 for more than the musical content, big-ups to you. All of you that drop by and even glance at my articles I appreciate, not everyone has something to say, so you’re forgiven for never leaving comments. (You know yourselves).

To my hombre Hugo not Ugo aka Elbarro, Elber, Web, I can’t thank you enough. Your presence and absence are noticed always.

To my E.O.D family, the maddest people on earth, I really use to think you were all a bit sane, but now I know better. I love you all. I know it’s a bit gay, but you really help me laugh out real loud at things in the real world when things are not as they should be. God bless you.

Not to bore you all, I AM NOT aka Datboy_NOT , Nutty NOT, Nigger NOT  and I love life (strictly the good LIFE)

And I’m OUT

P.S: There’s this girl always on my balls, so my creative juice isn’t at its optimal right now. But I trust “naija”, something will tick me off real soon.



Who am I? Simply put I’m N.O.T or simpler still NUTS. I love life - the ups, the downs, the merry go rounds, but most of all I love that babe that carried me for nine months ... She’s my inspiration, my role model. I can kill for music & I’ve seen enough movies to tell u the end; I love women & hanging out especially with my peoples. On that note enjoy my articles; sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes long & annoying but most times it’ll just be nutty.


  1. @Vicider, EOD means End of discussion! Meanwhile NOT, u still didn’t introduce yourself. But it’s all good, nice articles, keep churning them out! Keep thinking and keep writing! One love.

  2. Another emotive outburst fuelled by the fumes of the brown resin. I think your next article should be about your impending marriage plans ( or lack of). Anyways, it’s all good as long more nuts tie d knot inspired by the nuttyness (or not) of the nutty professor himself; DatBoy NOT. Ok I’m high but then again its friday. TGIF and peace out!

  3. Nice article once again! i always look forward to ur write up and once again U̶̲̥̅̊ didnt let us down. keep it up. Ur greatest fan #nohomo. Bassolle on behalf of E. O. D.

  4. @ which point are u gonna do d introduction? Cos it seems like u dint get to dt part in ds article!
    Btw pls lose d gal on ur balls! if she aint gonna be your muse den dere’s no pint having her dere!
    I wanna say abig thank u to u too for giving me stiuff to read! Believe me, if it wasn’t worth it, I won’t be here time and time again!

  5. Nice articles NOT.
    Fun to also have seen comments from Bassey, Chuk her, Funk Fash, Damojo, Santino, and all my Medilag peeps…etc etc etc etc…are we there yet? No. Two more etc’s. 😀

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