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Ok, so Blackberries have become something of a fashion accessory right? I mean, everyone is using them; you can switch up the skins to match your outfit, plus you can never look uncool when you are on one because once you are bored, you just pop it out your pocket and get to tweeting. It is cool, yes. And it is vain!

These little forbidden fruits have made most of us lose touch with reality; everyone wants to be a cool kid now! Or should I say…everyone is a cool kid now? Some people don’t have a life anymore, and they live on twitter. BBM and Twitter…they don’t help at all! Not that I’m not guilty of the same crimes, I just get pretty sad when I look at my TL and see a whole bunch of posers, or someone “famzing” someone else or someone making someone else look like a “famzer”.  Oh! And just so you know, you look borderline desperate if you have less followers than those you are following.

These forms of social networking have made us all paranoid; I see tweets like, “My BBM is just for family and close friends”. Err…yeah! No biggie, but why are you telling me? How am I concerned? Am I supposed to feel bad that I’m not a BBM contact? It isn’t my twitter handle but hey, I’m just saying. Most people don’t even get tweeted at, but when they finally do, instead of giving an enthusiastic reply, they start to feel like the ish and give drab i-don’t-have-time-replies. What really ticks me off is when I see some people tweet at celebrities or just other normal people, its almost like they are begging (this, I guess is called famzing)! When you treat someone like a god, of-course they’ll treat you like a fan.

There is this girl on my TL; she makes herself sound like the editor-in-chief of Vogue or something! You should meet this girl in person, sigh…you would be sorely disappointed, trust me! There’s also this guy that has turned his twitter into an avenue for soft porn, I am not going to go into details but two words- PLEASE STOP! There was this other dude on my TL who I always tweeted at. Homeboy never replies (after an attempt at being funny was made by me and terribly flung back in my face) I had to unfollow him! What is he? Some kind of genius? Ah well, if you can’t beat ‘em; arrange to have ‘em beat!

Everyone is a comedian on twitter now! Making jokes at the expenses of others, if you get angry they go “twitter aint that serious”. At the same time really though, sometimes I really do want to tell some people “twitter aint that serious”.

I have a friend of mine that is so quiet when we are out that it seems like she’s always bored. She is always on her BB.  Yet you should see her tweets! It looks like she’s having the time of her life. Some funny stuff I tell you!

What am I driving at? This has made us want to portray ourselves as what we are not. We can’t all be cool kids. You probably are not going to be on Thisday Style next week, and its most likely your “chillin’ with d’banj” tweet isn’t true (I see you). Then why all the drama? Please, please, please, let’s all strive to be ourselves! I try to keep myself as humble as possible and as natural and ordinary as possible on my TL, I try to be as versatile as I can! I try to reply my mentions; I try to keep it light and enjoyable. I don’t try to portray myself as too bourgeois or too oppressive or downright mean! Obviously there would be slip-ups when I just have to diss someone or block someone (harsh I know! But desperate times…you know the rest). I am a human being; I’m so not perfect! :p. Some twitter celebs (people that have become popular on twitter through their tweets and thereby have amassed a large portion of followers) let this get to their head! Let’s keep it humble on twitter…but then what the heck! Where’s the fun?!

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  1. Errrrr……..sorry but this post is tres boring and pointless. You sound like a bitter person who’s tweets are never replied. Don’t like what you see on twitter, follow new people. As you said yourself, it isn’t your twitter handle so it isn’t your concern……

  2. What is this rubbish? If u’re desperate for followers biko go to twitter and tweet sense. Such a poor write-up. Kpcheew. Waste of my precious two minutes.

  3. Rubbish article. If you don’t get replies to your tweets, why don’t you go and cry on your bed or shut up. Why would you think you can tell ANYONE how to tweet?

  4. While reading the article, I thought to myself this article is so on point, only to see the 1st two comments and I decided to keep my thoughts to myself… 😐

  5. Uggh!!! A lot of salty commenting going on!! If you don’t like what she is sayong hightail ur stupidity to the next page. Its her opinion so keep ur anger in your mother’s womb thirsty fools!! I can’t deal with people that just insult other people’s efforts. Write your own article!!!!

  6. This is a very stupid article, how old are you? You are not different from the people u are trying to describe, but maybe worse.. What was your point? You know what ? Its not that serious! If u don’t like the things on ur TL pls follow other people…

    Worst article I’ve read on 360nobs. Primary school writing and vexing. Pls take it down

  7. LOL I can’t help but laugh at the illiteracy I’ve just seen! As you said yourself, its HER opinion, yet, this comment box was placed here for us readers to voice OUR opinions. As a journalist myself, I’m used to criticism. Can’t expect everyone to agree with you so kindly chill ‘Gbemi’ and stop drinking panadol for another man’s headache!

  8. Gbemi why don’t u come to my office and shut my mouth? Or cripple my fingers so I can’t type my own opinion. Rubbish. I’m entitled to my opinion. And in that opinion, this article is desperate. Its trash. It was poorly written. Poorly punctuated. Poorly coordinated. Poorly thought out. Even primary school kids would find it disturbing. Rubbish. Another opinion, Gbemi if its paining u, go and choke on some ice block. Malu.

  9. Omo u people are angry ooo…its not meant to be news so who gives a fuck if ur a journalist lol. Abeg nice write up babe…pls people endeavour to criticize and fade…

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  11. I think people missed the point of her post by attacking her. She does make a point. Twitter has turned a lot of people into snobbish people who are only out to make themselves popular sometimes at the expense of others. The writer’s point is that you should be yourself even online.

    Its not a perfect write up by any means but it is a good write up and she is speaking her mind. Let her be.

  12. I thought the post made sense,…but then i saw the handle under and it seems 2 me dat handle is guilty of the same things mentioned. Nice write-up tho……. #NuffSaid

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