To Bed or Not To Bed A Celeb?

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We live in a world where “fame” happens and “success” grows, hence the temptation to do almost ANYTHING for quicker recognition. To bed or not to bed a celebrity??? Hmmm… Purely rhetorical I wouldn’t even request your answers against your will. But if I must make a head-way on this, I must turn in my own confessions… To say that I do not fantasize about a night with a celebrity would be a BIG lie – big enough to earn me a VIP section in hell…

Bedding a celebrity has become the closest equivalent to winning a lottery. Surprisingly, only a decade ago everything noble had been the norm. These days, if one hasn’t conquered or “knacked” (as we now call it) a celebrity he/she just may never be in the A-list of dope kids…

Now, I shake my head in amusement!!!

Being a very active member of the social network “Twitter” has made it even easier to keep track of “hoes”….oooops!!! “Girls” that are on their celeb-dick-shopping-spree. Our very own celebrities have helped to encourage this. To be sincere, it only takes a follow back and a “CYDM” (check your direct message) to get it ticking with almost anyone…but for some few decent ones.

Well recently, I witnessed the desperation of girls; I logged into twitter reluctantly and all over my “TL” was the “Sonia” gist!! I was like “who is this?” I zoomed in on her picture and the face wasn’t still known to me; why the hell was she trending? I asked my “amebo-partner” for a download and she just sent me a picture saying that the picture was all and more to the story…”really it was”.

A celebrity was in bed, having himself a nice sleep and there was this “girl” taking pictures from all angles, pictures of her licking his tattoo and other hilarious stuff. Wait! Pause, why was everyone paying this much attention when most Nigerians have barely recovered from the fuel subsidy removal episode…Twitter was on fire that day!! I was highly entertained. She went from having 123 followers to way over 5000 followers in 3hours!!!! Everyone was on about this for a day and few minutes, some took sides while others were simply disgusted.

We live in a time where celebrities are like royalty, you know it’s like that guilty pleasure you want to have and you know it’s bad for you, but you still go ahead with anyway. The thrill of being in bed with a celeb the idea that you can enjoy the sweet pleasures of sex with someone who shares the spotlight you know. That thrill makes you feel like a star yourself!

Written by: Vyne Melissa Garber



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